SPE PIONEER SUMMIT: New Platform of the SPE Community is Successfully Launched

  • November 10, 2020
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SPE PIONEER SUMMIT: New Platform of the SPE Community is Successfully Launched
SPE PIONEER SUMMIT: New Platform of the SPE Community is Successfully Launched

The SPE Pioneer Summit is the new platform for the international SPE community. The kick-off event on Nov. 3 and 4 2020 was a complete success for the SPE Industrial Partner Network e.V. with 2200 participants. Frank Welzel, chairman of the association, was pleased to announce the cooperation with the AMA (Association for Sensors and Measurement). A response that clearly underlines the role as the largest network in the industrial market for Single Pair Ethernet.

With 2200 participants during the event–it is clear the topic of SPE moves the industry. The Pioneer Summit fulfils the need for a future exchange platform for the international SPE community. "One of the highlights of the Summit was the expert discussion with experts who are leading the industry, such as Dr. Gunther Kegel," said Eric Leitjens (TE Connectivity) - member of the board SPE Industrial Partner Network. "Our mission to bring SPE to the next phase of maturity is supported by them. The high level of participation at the Summit shows we have created the right platform for the global SPE community to bring together and connect IIoT evangelists on the one hand and SPE users on the other."

In addition to top-class discussion participants such as Oliver Kleineberg (Global CTO Industrial Networking Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH – BELDEN), Dr. Gunter Kegel (CEO Pepperl + Fuchs, President elect ZVEI), Kevin Behnisch (Head of Department Smart technologies and industry – VDE Testing and certification institute) and Alexander Gerfer (W├╝rth Elektronik eiSos GmbH) prominent keynote speakers such as Xaver Schmidt (Head of Project Group Industrie 4.0 - PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO) a member of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI)) also had the honor of discussing the potential of SPE.

For a deeper dive into the technology and all facets of Single Pair Ethernet technology, our experts and pioneers took the participants on a journey through all topics of the SPE ecosystem. From standards, to interconnection technology and cables, they went into the world of magnetics, semiconductors and into suitable test equipment. The eagerly awaited first applications, in which SPE shows the potential not only to be a better replacement for BUS protocols, but also to further develop the idea of digitalization and to show new possibilities of data collection and data use, were also very well received.

The holistic approach of the SPE Industrial Partner Network, with numerous partners, concentrated know-how, uniform standardization and effective cooperation in marketing and technical working groups, clearly shows that this is the right way to establish Single Pair Ethernet in the market. We give users the necessary security, overall compatibility and support for their first design-in projects with SPE.

The newly concluded partnership with AMA further underlines this approach. Dr. Thomas C. Simmons, managing director of the AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement in Berlin, said: "The cooperation between AMA and the SPE Industrial Partner Network is a cooperation that is very special. The SPE Industrial Partner Network is the largest representative for Single Pair Ethernet in the industrial market, AMA with its 450 members is the largest network for suppliers of sensor and measurement technology. This is an important cooperation, which is particularly beneficial for the approaches of IIoT. Smaller and more powerful sensors require a miniaturized but more powerful infrastructure. Consistently integrating sensors into IP networks, including at field level, is one of the future challenges for sensor applications. This development can now be implemented with SPE."

Frank Welzel, chairman of SPE Industrial Partner Network e.V., said: "Single Pair Ethernet is a technology that is of great importance to IIoT. Together we want to drive this technology forward. 9. November 2020

Standardization, provision of components and devices for the infrastructure of IIoT, i.e. Single Pair Ethernet holistic thinking from the sensor to the cloud. In order to accelerate this implementation of IIoT at the sensor level, we want to bring our members and the members of the AMA together and jointly design technology and applications. For the members of the AMA this cooperation means direct access to information and background on this future-oriented technology."

For all those who are interested in SPE, but were not able to attend the Summit kick-off, all contents can be viewed again here free of charge.

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