Ternium Expands Adoption of Falkonry Operational AI for Steel Predictive Operational Excellence

  • November 19, 2020
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Ternium Expands Adoption of Falkonry Operational AI for Steel Predictive Operational Excellence
Ternium Expands Adoption of Falkonry Operational AI for Steel Predictive Operational Excellence

Sunnyvale, Calif. - Ternium, Latin America’s leading steel producer has developed, validated and industrialized a Predictive Operational Excellence solution using the Falkonry Operational AI suite to reduce planned and unplanned downtime across steel production operations.

“With our asset performance management solution, powered by Falkonry’s Operational AI, Ternium operations teams receive actionable warnings before an event could impact the business,” said Roberto Demidchuk, chief information officer at Ternium.

To be treated as actionable, maintenance and production teams need to get sufficient warning time ranging from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the issue, a specific failure mode, and an explanation of the root cause of warning behavior, and a constantly updated time-to-failure that takes into account the benefit of temporary intervention measures.

Predictive operational excellence is critical to maximizing profitability by increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Falkonry, the innovation leader in Operational AI, provides a suite of applications for predictive operational excellence solutions including:

  • Falkonry Clue for real-time learning, condition discovery, knowledge capture and dashboarding, and
  • Falkonry Workbench for early warning and event horizon estimation.

Falkonry has added to its Operational AI suite a dynamic, asset- and process-agnostic method for event horizon estimation (EHE) to be used for improving system-wide reliability. EHE builds upon real-time condition monitoring to predict time to failure (TTF) and remaining useful life (RUL), without requiring system calibration runs or customized machine learning efforts. EHE is available to existing Falkonry Workbench customers.

“We are delighted to make a contribution to improving the operational efficiency of steel plants and honored to be considered a Ternium partner. The novel EHE technology is uniquely valuable in this program as it helps prioritize predictions in a dynamic and non-stop production operation,” said Dr. Nikunj Mehta, Founder and CEO of Falkonry.

Falkonry products integrate easily with a customer’s existing OT infrastructure and fit well with Ternium’s deployment model because they conveniently run in cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure while also allowing models to run independently as Analyzers on-premises in the plants.

About Falkonry

Falkonry enables predictive operational excellence for manufacturing and defense organizations by detecting and predicting events before they impact operations. By applying AI on real-time operational data from plants and field systems, Falkonry solutions deliver significant improvement in production uptime, quality and yield without requiring data scientists or data engineers. Falkonry products easily scale across the enterprise either on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge, and are optimized to run on major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and AWS.

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