ROEQ Discusses Future of Mobile Robots for Warehouse Automation, Debuts New Products

ROEQ Discusses Future of Mobile Robots for Warehouse Automation, Debuts New Products
ROEQ Discusses Future of Mobile Robots for Warehouse Automation, Debuts New Products

During a virtual press conference, mobile robotic equipment company ROEQ discussed the rise of mobile robotics equipment (MRE) and unveiled six new products that bridge the gap between the warehouse and production. MRE enables fully automated internal logistics between storage and production, making it possible, for example, for a MiR robot to pick up and drop off carts or pallets with items on a conveyor belt with no human involvement.

Organizations implementing mobile robotics solutions are seeing improved productivity and efficiency, increased speed of operations, and improved product/service quality, according to Remy Glaisner, long-time robotics analyst at IDC. 

“For end-users, next-gen mobile robotics equipment (MRE) mechanically reduce risks, costs, and complexity all the while improving the resilience of critical material movement operations,” said Glaisner.

MRE with digitally enabled capabilities is becoming a new emerging field within the robotics industry. Glaisner predicted that by 2023, 65% of material movement activities will use flexible, modular and interoperable robots as well as situational data analytics to enable warehouse self-optimization. Such changes, he said, will cut work order processing time in half.

Introducing GuardComm

ROEQ’s new product, GuardComm, will allow Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) equipped with ROEQ’s top rollers to communicate directly with conveyor stations and initiate the transfer of goods between mobile robots and conveyors.

U.S. ROEQ product distributor Hartfiel Automation views GuardCom as a notable shift in the way robots are applied. “In the past, significant engineering development and 3rd party hardware was required to manage the logic of moving material from a stationary conveyor onto a mobile robot . . . “ said Scott Albrecht, VP of Advanced Control Technologies at Harfiel Automation. “With the ROEQ GuardCom system, these challenges are minimized or eliminated, resulting in lower risk, lower cost, and faster deployment for these users.”

GuardCom consists of two products: GuardCom (installed on the stationary conveyor station) and GuardCom Connect (installed on the autonomous mobile robot). This robust solution will replace Wi-Fi dependent, 3rd party setups that often suffer delays and costly errors.

Here are some product specifics:

  • Reliable – not dependent on WiFi

  • Safe exchange of goods

  • Physical guard as added safety feature to safeguard goods from rolling off or dangling from the conveyors

  • Short cycle time for tasks

  • Easy to set up

  • Install directly on conveyors

  • Compatible with all MiR Platforms

  • Low cost of ownership

“With GuardCom, we are delivering a safe, reliable and cost-efficient solution to eliminate wait times, errors and accidents at cargo transfer stations,” said Michael Ejstrup Hansen, managing director at ROEQ. “GuardCom is truly the missing link that enables a completely seamless material handling cycle, resulting in shorter system integration time with less hassle and engineering costs.”

ROEQ’s five additional new products

During the press conference, ROEQ global sales director Shermine Gotfredsen also introduced five more products: TML 1000 – Top Module Lifter; TR500 Auto & TR1000 Auto – Top Rollers; and TR125 Manual 250 and TR125 Auto 250 – Top Rollers. The TR500 Auto and TR1000 Auto top roller modules with automatic lifting mechanisms will enable MiR’s largest robots--the MiR500 and MiR1000--to pick up and deliver goods at varying heights in the factories without human intervention, according to a ROEQ press release.

“Very often, businesses are not able to maximize automation opportunities in existing facility layouts as the mobile robots need to pick up at one height and deliver in another,” Hansen said. “Our new top rollers with the lifting mechanism now make this possible–even for the heaviest of goods.”

About ROEQ

ROEQ, founded in 2017, is a 100% Danish-owned company with the majority of the robotic components also supplied by Danish companies. ROEQ develops, manufactures and sells its products in nearly 40 countries through more than 80 distributors. ROEQ's equipment is used in the industrial and logistics sector, as well as the healthcare sector.

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