IoT Solutions World Congress 2022 Calls for Speakers, Testbeds and Awards

IoT Solutions World Congress 2022 Calls for Speakers, Testbeds and Awards
IoT Solutions World Congress 2022 Calls for Speakers, Testbeds and Awards

Oct. 18, 2021 - The IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) 2022, scheduled for May 10-12, 2022 in Barcelona, is now accepting proposals from speakers and for testbeds, as well as requests for awards. This global event will showcase the game-changing solutions and technologies that have been disrupting and transforming industry as well as celebrate business and technology executives who are creating notable competitive advantages. All major players who are actively pursuing new ecosystem strategies will come together to share data, applications, operations and expertise. “The future of industry is ours to build,” the event website says.

Apply to be a speaker

The event will feature 400 speakers who represent key players from industry and technology solution providers. They will present use cases on important topics, illustrating how solutions are affecting today’s and tomorrow’s industries. In particular, IOTSWC audiences are waiting to hear about business outcome metrics of end-user companies. Speakers will receive recognition and media coverage and have the opportunity to share information and build connections.

Speaker proposals are due by Dec. 15, 2021; submission reviews take place through January 2022; speakers will be notified in February 2022; and the agenda for the event will be published online between March and May 2022. To become a speaker at IoT Solutions World Congress 2022, submit a proposal.

Submit a proposal for a testbed

Testbeds show how new technologies and services can be usefully deployed. The testbeds will be situated in the exhibition floor, giving attendees the chance to experience the most advanced and innovative solutions. Testbed submissions are due before Jan. 15, 2022; submissions will be reviewed between Jan. 15 and 25; participants will be notified regarding their acceptance or rejection between Feb. 1 and 10; and some testbeds will be published on the website in March 2022. To submit a proposal for a testbed, visit this website.

Apply for an award

The Industry Solutions Awards will shine a spotlight on the most preeminent digital transformation projects across vertical industries such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare, buildings and infrastructures. IOTSWC is offering these awards to celebrate IoT and other innovative digital technologies and distinguish the exceptional work of IoT and digital transformation. New award categories for this year include Best Security Solution, Best Connectivity Solution, Best Costumer Solution, Best Business Optimization Solution, Best Intelligence Solution, and Special Award: Game Changer of the Year.
Submissions are due before March 31, 2022; submissions will be reviewed in April 2022; participants will receive notification by April 15, 2021; and all three nominees per category will be published on the website on April 20, 2022. To get recognition for your company and submit a proposal for an award, visit this website.

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