New BISTelligence Spin-Off Focused on Manufacturing AI Excellence

  • October 25, 2021
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New BISTelligence Spin-Off Focused on Manufacturing AI Excellence
New BISTelligence Spin-Off Focused on Manufacturing AI Excellence

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Oct. 25, 2021 - BISTelligence, a leading supplier of manufacturing AI based solutions and services for high tech and industrial manufacturing, launched early last month, is focused on expanding its innovative new asset performance management (APM) solutions for industrial manufacturing through a newly created division, Aidentyx.  At the same time, BISTelligence will ramp a new mAI® global consulting services group focused on high-tech and industrial manufacturing.
BISTelligence is a carve out of BISTel, a leading provider of engineering and software automation products to global semiconductor and FPD manufacturers. The semiconductor products group was sold to Synopsys last month.  Following the sale to Synopsys, Bisetlliegnce was formed with the creation of two divisions.  One focused on manufacturing AI services and one focused on proliferating the adoption of the company’s  award-winning AI GrandView APM products suite, targeting the $500B smart manufacturing sector. BISTelligence aims to build on its 21-year-old BISTel legacy of technology innovation, empowering engineers and  bringing intelligent, real-time, data analytics software solutions to market that detect, analyze, and predict outcomes to everyday manufacturing problems.  The new entity aims to establish itself as a premier digital transformation provider with manufacturing AI services and solutions that exceeds the vision of industry 4.0.
“We are pleased to announce the creation of BISTelligence,” said W.K. Choi, CEO. “BISTelligence’s Ai services team will continue to deliver top class services to our high-tech customers. Our new and exciting AiDentyx product division will also be able to champion new digital APM technologies that extend asset life, improve factory operations, and help solve one of industrial manufacturing’s biggest headaches – unscheduled downtime.”
At the outset, BISTelligence offers a wide range of smart manufacturing APM products and mAI consulting services. These includes AI data collection,  fault monitoring and predictive data analytics solutions and services designed specifically for the industrial manufacturing ecosystem. Through Aidentyx’s APM products and BISTelligence’s mAI services, the company enables customers to increase factory and asset performance connecting people, processes, and equipment to ensure continuous optimization.

About BISTelligence

BISTelligence is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea with operations in the USA, China, and Japan. 210 employees around the world are focused on delivering leading-edge, data collection, data analytics solutions and consulting services that empowers engineers and generates significant insights that helps to eliminate unscheduled production stoppages caused by machine failures. By integrating the latest cloud, AI and IIoT technologies with these highly differentiated AI applications and mAI services, BISTelligence helps manufacturers achieve continuous optimization of plant and asset operations everywhere.

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