Advancing Automation: Cybersecurity Insights

  • June 27, 2017
  • Ebook

Advancing Automation: Cybersecurity Insights

Volume III, June 2017

Advancing Automation: Cybersecurity Insights

It seems like every week we hear the name of a new, devastating cyber attack. Names like ‘Wannacry’, ‘Petya’ and ‘Stuxnet’ may not mean much at first, until it’s your plant that is affected by these increasingly frequent attacks. That’s why, your source for the latest automation news, information and innovation, has compiled this extensive Cybersecurity eBook. We’ve been working with leaders from across the industry to deliver a detailed guide to help organizations secure industrial networks and control systems, as well as make forward-looking security decisions to protect your facility before the next attack happens.

Whether you work in IT, OT, management, maintenance, or sit on the board of a multi-national manufacturing corporation, this eBook has valuable information that you need to know in order to actively secure your organization and ensure that the inevitable future cyber attacks are met with a stronger defense.

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