Advancing Automation: Industrial Cybersecurity

  • September 24, 2019
  • Ebook

Advancing Automation: Industrial Cybersecurity

Volume XIX, September 2019

Advancing Automation: Industrial Cybersecurity

The lines have blurred between control systems (OT) and the corporate information technology (IT) systems, and the process is far from over. Process control and industrial automation staff have to focus not only on processes and their performance, but also on managing the systems, networks and security that support them. Sometimes, the IT people available to help don’t fully understand the needs of the industrial space.

In this Industrial Cybersecurity eBook from, we focus on the latest insights and initiatives changing the landscape of cybersecurity. From the formation of the new ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance organization to a call for applying automation techniques to industrial cybersecurity alarm floods, OT and IT professionals are collaborating and learning from each other like never before.

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