Advancing Automation: Key Trends & Predictions for IIoT

  • June 20, 2017
  • Ebook Advancing Automation

Advancing Automation: Key Trends & Predictions for IIoT

Volume II, June 2017

Advancing Automation: Key Trends & Predictions for IIoT

In April, released our first eBook sharing several real instances where IIoT is delivering tangible value in factories and plants all over the world. The reader response was such that we are bringing you a 2nd edition of Advancing Automation to share still other ways that the digital transformation is delivering economic growth throughout several industries.

This edition, sponsored by Sciemetric Instruments, will discuss how IoT is driving manufacturing, how digital technologies are generating mountains of previously unseen data to enhance decision making, the current evolution of digital business models as seen in the modern enterprise, where IIoT will take us in the future, and much more. Whether you focus on process control, manufacturing, energy conservation, or are just interested IIoT innovation, this eBook has the latest stories and studies of how industrial organizations are currently using digital technologies and the IIoT to advance innovation and the bottom line.

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