Advancing Automation: Process Instruments Insights

  • September 27, 2017
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Advancing Automation: Process Instruments Insights

Volume IV, September 2017

Advancing Automation: Process Instruments Insights

The world is rapidly becoming aware of the whirlwind change that has been reshaping process automation. Edge connectivity, the IIoT, and the rise of data has quickly evolved the capabilities of today’s process tools and instrumentation. All of this is designed to make life easier for process engineers, and more profitable for process businesses across multiple industries…provided that they know what tools they need and how to use them. has developed this eBook to serve as a resource into the latest and greatest tools and technologies available to the process automation community. We’ve compiled articles from some of the biggest names in the industry, exploring recent trends such as:

• The evolution from analog to digital in manufacturing process control
• How data management technologies are easing maintenance efforts
• Measurement enhancements through new-age flowmeters

Whichever industry you serve, process control professionals will want to read this resource designed to keep you informed and on the cutting edge of process automation.

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