Advancing Automation: Sensors & Instruments

  • December 16, 2018
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Advancing Automation: Sensors & Instruments

Volume XIII, December 2018

Advancing Automation: Sensors & Instruments

The world of instruments and sensors for today’s process and industrial automation industries is in the middle of dynamic changes, spanning back several years and projected to continue well into the future. Innovators continue to produce new gadgets leveraging the power of IIoT, ever-growing branches of digital connectivity, and surging levels of computing power. As a result, this brings enhanced levels of productivity and efficiency to plant managers and executives, as well as an easier and safer day on the job for today’s engineers. The IIoT and the rise of data has quickly evolved the capabilities of today’s process tools and instrumentation. This requires industrial companies to take advantage of these dynamic new tools and become knowledgeable of what tools they need and how to use them. Amidst a flood of innovation and unending waves of new instruments that can be overwhelming.

To help guide users in their research, has developed this ebook to serve as a guide to the latest instruments and sensors available to the automation community, as well as how other companies have already utilized some of these technologies to drive growth in their facilities. We’ve compiled articles from the technology experts and drivers, to provide this resource to keep you in the know with today’s latest and greatest automation technologies.

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