Automation 2021: Control Systems

  • September 03, 2021
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Automation 2021: Control Systems

Volume 4

Automation 2021: Control Systems

Control systems: Choices and challenges

Whether you’re working on motion, process or safety control systems, you probably have questions. What do I use to upgrade the controls on turbine peaking plants? How do I build reliable EtherNet/IP subnetworks for this factory floor control system? How do I choose feedback methods when designing motion control systems for robots or mobile machinery? It’s one project, but controls engineers have to know everything from data management techniques to safety system standards—or at least know where to go to get up to speed quickly.

That’s why you’ll find so many useful bits and diverse sources in this edition of AUTOMATION 2021. You can learn about the roles of DCS and SCADA in digital transformation or dig into a case study about retrofitting a distributed control system. Also discover how technology makes it possible to operate multiple virtual machines on a single hardware platform, essentially turning a motion control system into an edge server. Automation and control technology changes fast. The subject matter experts we’ve gathered here are key resources for the challenging puzzles you need to solve today, and in the future.

-Renee Bassett Chief Editor

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