Automation & Control Trends Analysis 2021: The Digitalization Dozen

  • August 11, 2021
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Automation & Control Trends Analysis 2021: The Digitalization Dozen

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Automation & Control Trends Analysis 2021: The Digitalization Dozen

These are exciting times to be involved in industrial automation. The changes that come from the digitalization of manufacturing and production systems through the use of new technologies are starting to have impacts that will be as transformational as the introduction of programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems were years ago. New technologies from outside the realm of traditional automation solutions, as well as the rapid expansion of proven tools and techniques, are being applied to improve the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of manufacturers.

Automation professionals are critical to successfully selecting and applying new technologies and guiding management to maximize an organization’s success. The collaboration of experienced industrial automation veterans with younger professionals that understand open Internet of Things (IoT) and computing industry technologies is already leading to the creation of highly effective solutions at manufacturing organizations. The dozen trends highlighted here manifesting the manufacturing digital revolution.

This is my sixth annual trends report and the usual caveat applies: I can never know with certainly what the future will hold. But I’ve spent many years talking to a wide range of users, suppliers and industry consultants, synthesizing what I’ve heard. So, as always, I invite you to share your thoughts, criticisms, and perspectives as well. I look forward to talking with you through LinkedIn or via email at

-Bill Lydon

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