IIot & Smart Manufacturing Insights

  • October 05, 2021
  • ISA
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IIot & Smart Manufacturing Insights Conference


IIot & Smart Manufacturing Insights

Smart manufacturing can have many facets. How technology is applied depends on the needs of the user. One manufacturer may rely heavily on vision and artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with machine learning (ML), while others use tools to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). However, these solutions should not be considered as siloed technologies. Many solutions can—and should—be brought together to craft a holistic smart manufacturing landscape.

ISA–International Society of Automation debuted the IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Conference in May 2021 as part of ISA’s Virtual Event series. The day-long virtual event brought together end users and experts from around the world to exchange advice and insights on smart manufacturing implementation, digital transformation, and manufacturing intelligence across multiple vertical industries. Select sessions from that event are captured here.

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