InTech Focus: Temperature & Pressure 2022

  • May 31, 2022
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InTech Focus: Temperature & Pressure

May 2022

InTech Focus: Temperature & Pressure 2022

Temperature, pressure, and measurements from process control instrumentation are key components for industrial asset health management and digital transformation. Determining why production unexpectedly stops mid-operation—or preemptively avoiding these stoppages— requires diagnostic data that can only come from the machines. Gathering that data has been a mainstay of industrial operations for a long time. Viewing, analyzing, and applying the lessons of that data either to maintenance or real-time operations is the ongoing challenge.

Experienced personnel who understand measurement instrumentation—its potential as well as the limits—can help temper expectations and ensure that digital transformation efforts are a success. Find out more in this edition of InTech FOCUS centered on temperature and pressure measurement.

InTech magazine is the official publication of ISA—The International Society of Automation. It is published six times per year. InTech FOCUS is its counterpart, brought to you in conjunction with This series of electronic magazines focuses on the fundamentals of essential automation components such as instrumentation, final control elements, networks, drives, and more. Six times a year, look for InTech FOCUS to learn how to choose instrumentation and control solutions, as well as apply them, calibrate them, and optimize their contribution to efficient operations.

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-Jack Smith, Contributing Editor

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