Webinar: Empowering Power for the Digital Age

  • April 26, 2020
  • Webinar

Empowering Power for the Digital Age

with Automation.com and Bedrock

Webinar: Empowering Power for the Digital Age

Moderated by Renee Bassett, Chief Editor, InTech Magazine and Automation.com
Presenter: Shawn Hatton, Senior Field Automation Specialist, Bedrock Automation

The benefits of smarter, interconnected devices are becoming more apparent every day and with that, their need for continuous, reliable power. Control systems, flow meters, transmitters, actuators, VFDs and other field devices are increasingly gathering strategic data that can be analyzed for cost savings and other process improvement. But if random power transients, inclement weather, cyberattack, or other forces breach the power signals on which they depend, all data is lost. Additionally, disrupting process continuity can put thousands of dollars of connected equipment in jeopardy. This webinar explores the need to distribute power to the edge, the rewards of doing so, and how power supply digital architectures are evolving to reduce costs and to empower the Industrial Internet of Things.

Speaker Bio:
Shawn Hatton has 15 years of experience in electrical, instrumentation, and control system design. Shawn works directly with end-users to develop automation and control system solutions.
Prior to joining Bedrock, Shawn led engineering teams to design, develop, integrate, and test automation and control systems in a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, IIoT, Utilities, and more. Shawn is a Senior Field Automation Specialist at Bedrock Automation and a part-time College Professor at Bakersfield College where he teaches PLC programming and Electronics. Shawn combines a deep understanding of technology and a strong passion for teaching to deliver a unique perspective on the complex problems facing the automation industry.


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