Webinar: IIoT and the Connected Workspace

  • October 28, 2019
  • Rittal Corporation
  • Webinar

IIoT and the Connected Workspace - Infrastructure to Support Industry 4.0 and Beyond

with Automation.com and Rittal

The Internet goes to work, expanding from 'traditional' applications – social, retail, corporate, etc. to the industrial world.  With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) the power of the internet can be utilized in a variety of industrial spaces.  Supported by Edge computing, localized data collection from smart sensors in any industrial space can improve process control and operational efficiencies.  With this proximity, latency is reduced, providing data availability for rapid review, improving operational processes locally and almost immediately.

IIoT, supporting Industry 4.0, enables on site, real-time data analysis, lowering costs in operations and data management.  Critical data remains local, bypassing bandwidth limitations and latency time and reducing security risks.

Edge Computing, supported by an Edge Infrastructure, provides the physical deployment to support IIoT applications.  Utilizing the same core components of the traditional data center, the demands of an Edge installation warrant a renewed review of these systems to ensure suitability for The Edge.  The same enclosures, power, cooling and security & monitoring components are deployed, but on a smaller scale.  Yet, these must be specified to ensure critical parameters are met for environmental, physical and cyber security — all while meeting requirements for redundancy and resiliency.  

This presentation will:
•    Review IIoT and Edge trends and applications
•    Define basic requirements for an Edge installation
•    Identify standards for Edge deployments
•    Provide infrastructure solutions for Edge installations

The audience will receive a comprehensive overview of trends in the IIoT space and an overview of the installation challenges and product solutions to ensure a safe, stable and secure Edge installation.

Webinar: IIoT and the Connected Workspace - Infrastructure to Support Industry 4.0 and Beyond

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