Webinar: IIoT Extends the Operational Excellence Value Chain

  • March 12, 2020
  • Webinar

IIoT Extends the Operational Excellence Value Chain

with Automation.com and PLEX

Presenters: Heather Hussin, Senior Product Manager, Plex
                    Bob Bierwagen, VP of Digital Strategy, MPI Corporation

A common manufacturing challenge companies face is finding practical ways to gain true end-to-end visibility across the value chain. Everything from limited visibility, to miscommunications with suppliers, to “gut-feeling” planning, and lack of actionable data from the shop floor all have a major impact on cost, quality, and customer satisfaction. When manufacturing operations happen across disparate systems, siloed departments, and analog processes it becomes difficult create a holistic and profitable value chain.

What if there’s a way to extend operational excellence from start-to-finish? It becomes a reality by going digital with a single source solution to plan with a purpose, use near real-time analytics from the shop floor, and to streamline operations for increased communications and visibility.  By creating operational processes and closed-loop quality management it’s achievable to gain a new perspective. This helps to avoid costly mistakes, spot new ways to optimize across departments and suppliers, and operationalize excellence across your entire value chain.

Join this webinar to see what becomes possible when you take control and connect the entire value chain for reduced risk, improved on-time delivery and greater customer satisfaction.

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