Webinar: Targeted ICS Ransomware in Manufacturing: Be Prepared

  • March 24, 2021
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Targeted ICS Ransomware in Manufacturing: Be Prepared

Webinar: Targeted ICS Ransomware in Manufacturing: Be Prepared

Targeted ICS ransomware has emerged as a pervasive threat to manufacturing operations. All plant downtime due to cyber-attacks in 2020 was because of targeted ransomware, resulting in sometimes weeks-long shutdowns. Worse, these attacks almost always took down multiple plants at once, overwhelming incident response teams, and increasing the likelihood that perpetrators could extort a ransom payment.

All manufacturing sectors must learn how to protect against this now-pervasive threat. This webinar, by leaders in OT cybersecurity, provides an in-depth exploration of the topic. We cover the threat landscape for industrial / OT automation in manufacturing. In the context of those threats, we then explore a variety of topics, challenges and constraints, including: protecting MES systems, ICS/OT network and cloud connectivity, and an organization's tolerance for cyber risk. We then explore solutions - how to use the ransomware kill-chain to design defenses, with concrete recommendations based on real-world scenarios.

Join us to understand today's and tomorrow's threats and to explore robust, practical responses to this evolving threat environment.

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Webinar Speakers:  
Dr. Jesus Molina - Director of Industrial IoT, Waterfall Security Solutions
Jesus Molina is Waterfall’s Director of Industrial IoT. He is a security expert with years of experience in both OT and IT security, with a focus in manufacturing and critical infrastructure. A former hacker, his early research on offensive security for building automation has been echoed by many publications, including Wired and The Register. He also co-authored the Industrial Internet Security framework, regarded as one of the most comprehensive studies on securing connected operational systems.
Dr. Tom Winston - Principal Adversary Hunter, Dragos
Tom Winston is a Cybersecurity subject matter expert focused on threats to critical infrastructure (ICS/SCADA ) systems, as well as foreign cyber intelligence and threat analysis. He has extensive experience in mobile device, removable/fixed media digital forensics, and is a seasoned manager of people, technology, projects, and programs. He's multilingual in over a dozen foreign languages and has extensive experience in international relations, intelligence, and foreign policy analysis. Also has solid research and publication skills.
Hosted By: Renee Bassett, Chief Editor, Automation.com
Renee Bassett is Chief Editor of Automation.com and InTech brand publications published by ISA—The International Society of Automation. She has 20+ years’ experience in industrial automation journalism, marketing and communications.  

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