Automation Salary Survey 2020-21

  • January 21, 2022
  • White Paper

Automation Salary Survey 2020-21

A Story of Loss, Change and Recovery

Automation Salary Survey 2020-21

By Melissa Landon, Content Editor at
2020 brought a global pandemic, multiple lockdowns in many communities, remote learning, job losses, job changes, increasingly prevalent remote work, vast changes in everyday life and changes in salary. This 2020-2021 Automation Salary Survey report will explicate data collected in mid-2021 about the salaries and work lives of automation professionals across the globe in various industries and stages of their careers.

This survey was conducted online in October 2021 by, a subsidiary of ISA – The International Society of Automation. Respondents self-reported data about their salary in 2020, how it had changed in 2021 and other facts about their work as automation professionals. A total of 1,064 professionals provided data.

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