White Paper: Getting Your TSN Product to Market

  • November 18, 2021
  • White Paper

Getting Your TSN Product to Market

White Paper

White Paper: Getting Your TSN Product to Market

By the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)

Created for automation vendors, “Getting your TSN product to market” provides a practical insight on how to implement the technology and the importance of conformance testing for TSN products.

The role of TSN in the Connected Industries of the future is now well-accepted in the market, with end users looking for vendors who can provide a broad range of TSN-compatible products. In order to upgrade their existing automation devices to provide key TSN capabilities, automation vendors need to be able to identify the development options that best fit their existing engineering methods.

The new white paper, helps automation vendors navigate the development ecosystem options. It does so by detailing the software and hardware methods available, their characteristics and how they can help vendors deliver state-of-the-art components. Moreover, it discusses how to integrate TSN-compatible functions in existing devices. It therefore acts as an entry point for vendors to get onboard with CC-Link IE TSN, the first and only open industrial gigabit Ethernet with TSN functions.

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