Automation & Control Manufacturing Resources

Automation 2021: Cybersecurity & ICS Modernization

  • Ebook

This edition of AUTOMATION 2021 tackles the many places where cybersecurity planning and ICS modernization intersect. Here, you can learn how to prevent internal and external cybersecurity breaches with zero trust OT network segmentation, as well as how to simplify and secure connected automation using these embedded cybersecurity tools.

Industrial Edge Computing: Enabling IIoT on the Factory Floor

  • Ebook

Download this ebook to learn how Emerson’s Machine Automation Solutions can help end users understand and implement big data solutions that use IIoT and edge computing technologies. Discover how to deliver operational improvements to industrial manufacturing applications.

Webinar: Integrated Safety Lifecycle- Reduce Costs and Get Actionable Insights to Improve Process Safety

  • Webinar

Discover in this on-demand webinar how Honeywell’s Process Safety Suite lets you save money while complying with the ISA/IEC-61511 standards.

Advancing Automation: Digital Transformation for Industrial Solution Providers

  • Ebook

Evolving consumer expectations, changes in business environment and advances in technology are pushing solution builders to co-innovate with technology leaders to better serve their customers.

Webinar: Scalability in Automation - Who’s the Weakest Link?

  • Webinar

This webinar discusses the criteria to consider when implementing an automation system that can scale, such as architecture, and the maximum number of users and control points, since an underperforming system can have a huge impact on your application.

Webinar: Digital Transformation in Process Industries

  • Webinar

In this webinar, you’ll learn how machines and sensors communicate both with each other and in the cloud; how rapid increases in computing power are being employed remotely; and use cases and solutions that are available today for the process industries.

White Paper: Getting Your TSN Product to Market

  • White Paper

Created for automation vendors, “Getting your TSN product to market” provides a practical insight on how to implement the technology and the importance of conformance testing for TSN products.

Automation 2021: IIot & Industry 4.0 (Volume 5)

  • Ebook

As Industry 4.0 continues to accelerate, the impact of open manufacturing initiatives continues to advance. OPC UA and other technologies support applications that enable IIoT. You’ll find the latest knowledge about sensors, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) in this edition of AUTOMATION 2021.

Webinar: Simplifying Your Manufacturing Edge to Accelerate Smart Manufacturing Outcomes

  • Webinar

Join the experts from Dell Technologies and PTC as they share insights about manufacturing edge and how you can power your smart manufacturing business by building a fast, secure and resilient industrial edge; gaining scale and insights at the speed of business; and consolidating data, processes and systems from factory floors to enterprise clouds.

Webinar: Industrial Cybersecurity – Separating Fact from Fiction

  • Webinar

In this webinar, we will highlight some of the greatest arenas of discussion that have emerged in the field of Industrial Cybersecurity over the past two plus decades.