Latest Automation & Control Products

Numina Launches Pakt to Democratize Warehouse Pack and Ship Automation

The Numina Group has announced the launch of Pakt, a fully productized pack and ship automation solution, purpose-built for fulfillment operations.

SprutCAM X Robot Now Includes Models of Almost 700 Robot Mechanisms from World-renowned Manufacturers

SprutCAM X Robot software provides a convenient and natural programming environment that simulates the interaction between an engineer, robot, tool and product as closely as possible.

SICK Launches New Linear Encoder for Industrial Applications

  • SICK, Inc.

The new DAX linear encoder provides flexibility for countless industrial applications with contactless detection of linear positioning.

Fluke's 5560A Multi-Product Calibrator Enables Technicians to Calibrate the Broadest Workloads

  • Fluke Corporation

The 5560A defines a new class of multi-product electrical calibrators with a host of new technologies to meet the demands of modern calibration labs.

Acromag’s Ethernet Remote I/O Modules Are Ideal to Manage a Mix of Analog and Discrete I/O Signals

  • Acromag

Multi-function Ethernet I/O modules reduce costs by monitoring both analog and discrete I/O sensor types with one module.

Thomson Compact Linear Motion System Brings Modularity to Small-space Application Development

  • Thomson Engineering, Inc

Thomson Industries has introduced a family of compact linear systems that makes it easier for motion designers to implement complex applications in small spaces.

FCI's Thermal Flow Meter with VIP Flow Conditioner Supports Green Fuel Cell Energy To Reduce Carbon Emissions

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

Sophisticated fuel cell technology projects now rely on the precision ST80 Thermal Mass Flow Meters with Vortab (VIP) Flow Conditioners from FCI for accurate gas flow measurement to provide clean electric power while reducing or eliminating harmful emissions such as carbon, NOX and SOX that damage the environment.

Astrodyne TDI Power Line Filters Block EMI Signals from Shielded Facilities

  • Astrodyne Corp

Maker of power conversion and EMI/EMC solutions introduces the new F Series Facility/Shielded Room Power Line Filters to block unwanted EMI signals.

Fluke 831 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Simplifies Precision Shaft Alignment

  • Fluke Corporation

The powerful alignment tool makes it practical to align most machines in the facility, not just a select few.

APEM, Inc. Low-Profile Joystick is Tough and Precise

  • APEM Components, Inc.

The expanded availability of APEM’s XS Series low-profile joystick/thumbstick provides designers more industrial-grade precision control options.