Latest Automation & Control Products

Microchip Introduces Its First Automotive-Qualified 10BASE-T1S Ethernet Devices

  • Microchip

The LAN8670/1/2 family of Ethernet PHYs simplifies architecture to connect low-speed devices into a standard Ethernet network.

FCI's Accurate, Reliable FLT93 Switch Provides Flow or Leak Detection in Nuclear Plants

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

The FLT93 Switch from FCI provides dependable critical equipment protection and plant integrity validation that makes it Ideal for use in a wide range of nuclear power plant flow, level and temperature measurement applications.

Oriental Motor Offers Electric Gripper EH Series 3-Finger Type Ideal for Gripping Irregular Shaped Objects

  • Oriental Motor USA Corporation

Oriental Motor USA is pleased to announce the release of the new electric gripper EH Series 3-Finger Type.

Neugart Calculation Program Configuration Tool Reliably Leads to Most Energy-efficient Gearbox-motor Combination

  • Neugart USA, LP

The Neugart Calculation Program (NCP) configuration tool reliably leads to the most cost- and energy-efficient gearbox-motor combination.

Honeywell Offers the DG Smart Sensor, an Innovative Solution for Optimizing Combustion Systems

  • Honeywell IAC

Engineered to elevate efficiency and reliability in combustion systems, the DG Smart Sensor combines precision monitoring with digital communication for the industrial and commercial sector.

Siemens Presents SIMOTICS S-1FS2 Servomotors for Food, Beverage, Sterile Packaging and Pharmaceutical

  • Siemens

The product's stainless steel housings are suited to high standards of hygiene and cleanliness; three sizes to 2kW (2.68 hp) power range and up to 14 Nm (10.32 ft-lbs.) torque.

Conta-Clip's 360° Crimp Tools Provide Precise and Safe Crimping of Wire-end Ferrules

The new, easy-to-use 360° crimp tools from Conta-Clip provide precise and safe crimping of wire-end ferrules according to DIN 46228 up to 16 mm² conductor cross-section.

Bosch Rexroth Presents Compact Spiral Transport System

  • Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth presents an integrated, compact transport solution for vertical and horizontal product transport.

binder USA Introduces M5 Angled Panel Mount Connectors for Signal Transmission in Space-Critical Applications

  • Binder INC

binder USA announced the 707 series ultra-compact M5 connector.

AWS Marketplace Now Offers Ignition Cloud Edition

The pay-as-you-go solution provides a simpler way to leverage more cloud capabilities.