Latest Automation & Control Products

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. Adds Powerful, Easy-to-Use, Compact Controller to iQ-F Series Compact PLC

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

The FX5S PLC brings the outstanding performance, superior drive control and user-centric programming of the MELSEC iQ-F series compact controllers to budget-conscious customers.

Siemens' Analyze MyDrives App and SINAMICS Connect 300 Software Enable Smart, Networked Drive Technology

  • Siemens

Siemens is presenting its latest solutions for smart and networked drive technology.

Zivid Unlocks Transparency with Zivid 2+ 3D Camera for Reliable Piece-picking

Zivid unlocks transparency with the Zivid 2+ 3D camera designed for reliable high-speed piece-picking of all inventory items.

COSEL’s Conduction Cooled, Fanless, 3-phase Power Supply Delivers 3.5kW to Demanding Applications

COSEL Co, Ltd has announced the launch of the HCA3500TF, a fanless 3-phase / 3-wire 3500W AC/DC enclosed power supply, design optimized for industrial equipment such as high-frequency amplifiers, laser processing machines and robotics.

Fairview Microwave Launches Ruggedized Electromechanical Relay Switches

Fairview Microwave has launched a new series of ruggedized electromechanical relay switches for reliable RF signal routing in critical applications across various market bands.

DFI Presents in-Vehicle T-Box with Cybersecurity Solution VC900-M8M

  • DFI Inc.

DFI has launched its new low-power, energy-saving vehicle system, VC900-M8M, with the NXP I.MX8M processor.

Rezilion Releases Smart Fix Capability, Delivering Intelligent Guidance for Patching

Rezilion has announced the release of its new Smart Fix feature in the Rezilion platform, which offers critical guidance so users can understand the most strategic, not just the most recent, upgrade to fix vulnerable components.

Siemens' SINAMICS S210 Next-generation Servo-drive System Upgrades Mid-range Product Portfolio

  • Siemens

The new SINAMICS S210 next generation servo-drive system is ready for digitalization and brings an enhanced level of safety and security to stand-alone or multi-axis machines for use in various manufacturing industries.

Chromasens Upgrades GenICam Camera Tool for Line Scan Cameras

Chromasens has announced a major upgrade to its GenICam Camera Tool (GCT), a user interface for Chromasens line-scan cameras supporting the GenICam communication protocol.

Teledyne’s Backside Illuminated TDI Camera Delivers Greater Sensitivity for Near Ultraviolet and Visible Imaging

  • Teledyne

The new Linea HS 16k BSI camera is ideal for near ultraviolet and visible imaging applications