Latest Automation & Control Products

Advantech Introduces DLT-V73 Rugged Vehicle Mount Terminals

  • Advantech Industrial Automation Group

The vehicle mount terminals will empower intelligent intralogistics, port operations, and heavy-duty solutions.

NewTek Offers Air Extend/Spring Retract Gage Head Sensors to Avoid Damage Between Inspection Readings

NewTek GAR Series Spring-loaded Gage Heads are used in automated dimensional gaging applications as part of inline inspection processes when the sensor probe needs to move out of the way between readings. 

Schneeberger's Integrated Measuring System Guarantees Exact Travel Distances

  • Schneeberger, Inc.

The integrated AMS distance measuring system from SCHNEEBERGER can be perfectly integrated into MONORAIL guideways–both roller guideways and ball guideways.

Beckhoff Extends Electric Cylinder Lineup

  • Beckhoff Automation

The energy-efficient AA3100 series replaces hydraulic and pneumatic actuators with a space-saving, cost-effective and sustainable solution.

TWK Promotes Safe Navigation with Safety Sensors

Machines are only as safe as their sensors. Many measured quantities must be recorded precisely and reliably.

Vision Research Introduces High-speed Cameras to Capture Images in the Extended Light Spectrum of UV


Vision Research has introduced high-speed cameras capable of capturing images in the extended light spectrum of UV, visible and Near-IR wavelengths.

SVS-Vistek BlackLine ECO IP67 Cameras Ruggedly Designed to Operate in Harsh Industrial Environments

The BlackLine Series of ECO cameras from SVS-Vistek has made integrating machine vision into even the harshest of industrial environments more reliable and cost-effective.

Mastercam Announces Add-On for Additive Manufacturing

  • Mastercam - CNC Software, Inc.

Mastercam, the world's leading CAD/CAM software, has announced a new add-on product, Mastercam APlus by CAMufacturing Solutions, which was designed for additive manufacturing.

Bicker Elektronik Presents Outdoor AC/DC UPS for Mast Mounting

Bicker Elektronik presents the AC/DC UPS UPSI-2406IP-38AC in combination with the mast mounting set PSZ-1100.

Path Robotics Announces Next Chapter in Delivering Fully Autonomous Manufacturing Systems with AF-1

Path Robotics, the market leader of truly autonomous welding robotic systems, has announced its next chapter in delivering fully autonomous manufacturing systems with new Autonomous Fit-up robotic system.