Latest Automation & Control Products

Emerson’s New Electric Actuators Offer Superior Application Flexibility, Precision and Repeatability

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

Featuring three different screw technologies, AVENTICS Series SPRA rod-style electric actuators offer unmatched versatility that can better meet exacting application requirements.

Port's GOAL Middleware and RENESAS RZ/T2M Enable Next-generation Factory Automation

Today's factory automation requires faster and more precise motor control, timely and seamless communication over Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET-RT, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, OPC UA and TSN Time-Sensitive Networking for PROFINET CC-D / CC-LINKIE TSN) of next generation.

Microchip Simplifies Automotive Designs with ISO 26262-Compliant, AUTOSAR-Ready Devices and Ecosystem

  • Microchip

New dsPIC33C DSCs add support for AUTOSAR, OS, MCAL drivers and functional safety, enabling robust and secure automotive solutions.

Idrica Develops Software Solutions for the Water Cycle

Idrica has developed new software solutions for the optimization of the entire water cycle, increasing its outreach to new areas.

Festo Introduces the UR+ Certified Multi-Axis Cobot System

  • Festo Corporation

Ready to install, this Festo/UR integrated solution offers up to four axes of motion, including linear transfer.

TXOne Networks Presents EdgeIPS Pro 216 High Port Density IPS Array for Advanced OT Core Network Defense

TXOne Networks, the global leader of OT zero trust cybersecurity, announced the release of their OT-native EdgeIPS Pro 216 network appliance.

Rollon’s Enhanced Plus Series Actuators Deliver Greater Performance and Reliability

  • ROLLON Corp.

Rollon’s newly enhanced Plus System lineup of belt-driven linear actuators can now be integrated seamlessly with every industrial machine.

FDT Group Introduces the FDT Unified Environment (UE) for Field to Cloud Data Harmonization

  • FDT Group

Device, system and end users now benefit from an embedded unified environment unlocking universal device management, IT/OT convergence, data analytics, services and mobility.

FCI's Thermal Mass Flow Meter Helps Reduce Cost of Plastics Recycling Technology

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

Engineers responsible for recycling used plastic discarded as garbage and then given new life will find the rugged, direct mass flow measuring ST Series Thermal Flow Meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) helps them more accurately measure synthetic gas for economical co-gen plant operation.

Emerson Introduces First Pneumatic Valve System With Integrated Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

AVENTICS Series Advanced Valve Systems with OPC UA is a digital twin solution that solves interoperability challenges while improving productivity and efficiency.