Latest Automation & Control Products

ROEQ Debuts Cart System for OMRON LD-90x Autonomous Mobile Robot, Supporting Payload Up to 130KG

  • ROEQ

At Automate 2023, US audience gets first look at the newest addition to the ROEQ cart systems for OMRON autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), alongside larger payload systems for Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) AMRs.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Delivers Efficient, Economical Solutions for End-of-Line Packaging


The use of decentralized drive solutions with asynchronous motors can achieve cost benefits of up to 50% while providing a more compact footprint and high-efficiency operation.

Eaton Unveils G3 Universal Input Rack PDU to Meet the Most Diverse Data Center Rack Power Needs

  • Eaton

Intelligent power management company Eaton has announced the availability of its G3 Universal Input Rack PDU (G3 UPDU).

Kollmorgen Introduces AKMA Servo Motor to Meet Demands of Medium- to Heavy-washdown Applications

Kollmorgen has extended its highly regarded AKM servo motor portfolio with a new high performance servo motor that delivers durability, cleanability and versatility.

Teledyne's High-performance 5GigE Multispectral Line Scan Camera Extends Vision Capability

  • Teledyne

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company, is pleased to announce that its Linea2 4k Multispectral 5GigE line scan camera is now in production.

WISER Systems’ UWB High-Density Location and Tracking Solution Enhances Workflow Process

  • WISER Systems

WISER Systems’ ATLAS high-density ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time mesh location and tracking system wirelessly  locates and tracks thousands of tagged items in real-time.

TM Robotics’ CASI-SmartBox Streamlines Packing Process

CASI-SmartBox can reduce the size of any shipping box by scanning the item height and cutting cardboard, streamlining the packing process.

IDEC Photoelectric Sensors Boost Performance and Capabilities

  • IDEC Corporation

The SA2E miniature photoelectric sensor family improves on current models with a standardized ASIC design, delivering faster responses and better detection.

Mikrotron GigE Vision Camera Captures High-Speed Images While Mounted Inside Production Machinery

  • Mikotron

VIdeo monitoring of industrial machinery and processes using onboard video cameras enables the real-time analysis of complex, lightning-fast production systems and is an integral part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Insightcyber Launches Platform to Provide Cyber Threat Management and Security to Global Critical Infrastructure

The InsightCyber Platform delivers continuous AI-monitoring of cyber-physical assets.