Latest Automation & Control Products

Rockwell Automation Nearly Doubles Input Voltage Capacity for Compact PowerFlex Drive

  • Rockwell Automation

The newest medium voltage variable drive frequency from Rockwell Automation delivers industry-leading performance in about half the space.

Novotechnik Introduces Touchless Angle Sensors With IO-Link

  • Novotechnik

Novotechnik, U.S. has introduced the RFC4800 Series of touchless angle sensors measuring angular position up to 360°, revolution counter and speed—without wear.

ABB's Robotic Depalletizer Solution Reduces Complexity in Logistics and Improves Efficiency

  • ABB

The solution targets a variety of logistical operations, replacing heavy manual lifting and significantly improving efficiency.

Siemens Expands Simatic Micro-drive Servo-drive System for Extra-low-voltage Material Handling

  • Siemens

User benefits include seamless network integration, integrated drive safety, versatility, easy installation and commissioning.

Galco Launches Control Techniques Commander S100 Drive

  • Galco Industrial Electronics

Control Techniques selects Galco as initial North American distributor for revolutionary drive and app.

Wago's Multi-level Terminal Blocks Provide Space Savings & Functionality

  • WAGO Corporation

The range of WAGO’s TOPJOB S multi-level installation terminals has expanded with the addition of push-button and hybrid variants.

EyeVision Presents a Crosshair Generator That Can Solve Diverse Application Cases

  • EVT EyeVision Technology GmbH

EyeVision Technology now offers a crosshair application where only a flicker-free overlay is superimposed on the camera image, or a semi-manual measurement system that works similar to a profile projector.

Emerson’s Emergency Shutdown Discrete Valve Controller Improves Safety, Uptime in Hazardous Applications

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

TopWorx DX Partial Stroke Test with HART 7 provides detailed valve assembly data and diagnostics, enabling predictive maintenance and reliable operation.

Lanner Electronics Launches Falcon H8 PCIe AI Accelerator Card

  • Lanner Inc.

Lanner Electronics & Hailo have collaborated on one of the most cost-efficient PCIe accelerator cards on the market, with record high tera operations per second (TOPS), enabling high-end deep learning applications on edge servers.