Articles & News on Connectivity & Cybersecurity

Strengthening Industry 4.0 Automation Security

  • by Daniel Browning
  • Feature

The scaling of efficiencies and business value from automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) over the past few years has been transformative. In factories especially, costs drop, waste decreases, and businesses can control and gain insight into their processes like never before.

Jones Walker LLP Releases Midstream Oil and Gas Cybersecurity Survey Findings

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The midstream oil and gas sector tends to be overconfident in cybersecurity preparedness, according to the survey. 

Cybersecurity and Safety: Increasing Risks and Escalating Impacts

  • by Mark Baggett
  • Feature

The truth is cyber-attacks with dire consequences no longer live merely in film or the digital realm for that matter. They’ve transcended into the physical world with real, tangible impacts.

Why Energy Producers Need to Increase Remote Operations Capacity Today, and How to Transition Securely

  • by Bill Moore
  • Feature

Prompted by the widespread and far-reaching implications of the novel Coronavirus, we have witnessed a sudden shift to a hybrid workforce that includes on-site, remote, and distributed teams. The vast majority of companies lack the remote infrastructure needed to maintain operational continuity and protect against cybersecurity risks associated with remote work.

ABB and IBM to Bolster Cybersecurity for Industrial Operations

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ABB process control systems can connect with IBM security platform for digital threat visibility.

Honeywell and Vertiv to Improve Sustainability for Data Center Operations Across the Globe

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This joint effort combines Honeywell operational technology experience with Vertiv’s critical digital infrastructure solutions to create more sustainable and efficient data center operations.

OPC Experts Interviews: Companion Specifications

  • by Michael Clark
  • Feature

Learn from an interview with Karl Deiretsbacher of the OPC Foundation about Companion Specifications; the different types of Companion Specifications that exist; what Joint Working Groups are; and how the OPC Foundation guides the development and maintenance of Companion Specifications.

Envisioning the Future: Ignition Community Conference 2020

  • by Bill Lydon
  • Feature

The Inductive Automation Ignition Community Conference 2020 (ICC2020) has become an important event for automation professionals, and this year’s virtual event due to the pandemic was no exception.

Seeq Expands AWS Cloud Services Support to Encompass Amazon Timestream

  • News

Seeq is a launch partner for Amazon Timestream, AWS’s fully managed time series database, empowering users to create insights and improve production outcomes.

Majority of Industrial Enterprises Face Increase in Cyber Threats Since Covid-19 Pandemic Began

  • News

New global report from Claroty shows the importance of IT and OT interconnectivity in order to advance digital initiatives and thrive in a post-pandemic future.