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ODVA 2020 General Meeting Focuses on Industrial Digitalization

  • by Bill Lydon,
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By Bill Lydon, One of the last automation events to occur before the coronavirus shut down business gatherings around the world was the ODVA 20th Annual Meeting of Members in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA on March 5, 2020. More than 120 industry professionals attended to focus on supporting industrial digitalization through the association’s device connectivity technologies, which include the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and the network adaptations of CIP: EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet and CompoNet.

DD/FDI Package to DTM + Customization = Easy Integration

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With the invention of smart field instruments, device drivers associated with them have become crucially important to fetch valuable diagnostic information to improve operations and performance saving valuable time and money.

GE Digital announces free Remote Monitoring and Control licenses to iFIX and CIMPLICITY users

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The web-based solution gives plant operators and management teams real-time monitoring and control access to plant operations and performance over a secure-by-design connection such as VPN. This allows critical infrastructure to operate with a reduced crew on site, while being able to coordinate with their wider teams remotely.

CMMC Academy announces CMMC 1.0 Reference Guide

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The CMMC 1.0 Reference Guide is intended to help defense suppliers understand the U.S. Department of Defense cybersecurity compliance program. The online guide is available to members of the Academy.

Digital Twin Strategies: Manufacturing tips for successful implementation

  • by Jason Kasper
  • Opinion

The definition of Digital Twin has been well vetted over the last few years, yet it seems when it’s time to pilot projects, it is forgotten. By working out these kinks, everything else―including performance monitoring, IIoT, predictive analytics and operational simulation―will fall into place.

Moscow announces 5G for Business monthly digest

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“5G for Business” is devoted to the fifth-generation wireless technology, its application to different fields and sectors, and related opportunities to the city’s business. The first issue is dedicated to the theme of 5G and its use in immersive technologies, including artificial intelligence (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 ° video.

Open Systems International announces Dr. Thierry Godart as Senior Vice President of Industrial Technology

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Dr. Godart is known for developing high-performance teams and applying groundbreaking technologies to improve business productivity and sustainability. He comes to OSI well equipped to provide strong strategic leadership to the company’s industrial energy management business unit.

IFR Report: Top Robotics Trends Heading into 2020

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From 2020 to 2022 almost 2 million new units of industrial robots are expected to be installed in factories around the world. New technology trends and market developments enable companies to react to changing requirements. The International Federation of Robotics shows top trends to innovate.

National Instruments announces Averna as SystemLink Platinum Alliance Partner

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SystemLink was developed by National Instruments as a tool to help engineers and engineering management navigate through Industry 4.0. It works to simplify tasks such as software deployment, device configuration, system monitoring, and data management.

Rockwell Automation helps Pacific Coast Terminals enhance process safety and control

  • Case Study

PCT set out to find a solution that would remove the cab from the boom and, instead, allow operators to control and monitor the process remotely. If the company pulled it off, it would be a first for ship loading in North America.