Cloudreach Recognized as Intel 2021 U.S. Partner of the Year in Emerging Technology Category

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Cloudreach, the leading multi-cloud services company, has been named as an Intel US Partner of the Year at the Intel Partner Connect 2021 virtual conference. Cloudreach’s approach to cloud services earned the company an accolade in the "Emerging Technology Partners" category.

Wibu-Systems Takes Up Residence on its New Karlsruhe Campus

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The company makes a physical commitment to local IT excellence.

ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance and admeritia Announce Top 20 Secure PLC Coding Practices Document

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The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (ISAGCA), along with admeritia GmbH (admeritia), today announced the release of the Top 20 Secure PLC Coding Practices document.

Bridging the Air Gap: How to Harness Your Data and Protect Your OT Network

  • by Brian Romansky & Mark Prince
  • Feature

Critical Infrastructure operators have long been concerned about introducing potential threats from opening their operational networks for OEMs to extract data. The high expectation for reliable and continuous plant operation leaves no room for vulnerability.  While the air gap can be bridged, effective defense-in-depth requires security enforcement at every network interface.

Why Hackers Attack ICS Products and How to Stop Them

  • by Melissa Landon
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The global instability and increase in remote work caused by the pandemic have played a role in raising the salience of ICS cybersecurity issues. In particular, phishing attacks and spam campaigns are becoming more common. Here's how to stop them.

Join Us for 2nd Annual OPC Day International June 8-10

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A deep-dive into OPC UA technology, initiatives, end user experiences and more.

Whirlpool Corporation Migrates SAP Systems to Google Cloud for Sustainable Growth

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Whirlpool Corp. furthers its commitment to sustainability with carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure, while ensuring reliable, low-latency access to critical business systems.

Mission Secure Named a JMP Securities 'Elite 80' Cybersecurity Company for 2021

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Mission Secure one of five OT/IoT Security companies JMP Securities believe have the capability to dominate the respective market.

Closing the IoT Security Gaps in your ICS

  • by Patrick Bedwell
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Understand these factors to protect mixed ICS and IoT environments. This article comes from the Ebook Automation 2021: OT/ICS Cybersecurity.

Demonstrating the Link Between Functional Safety and ICS Security

  • by Yiannis Stavrou
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Let’s look at a physical demonstration that shows the link between functional safety and ICS security, and review what can be done to prevent malware from disrupting production and threatening safety.