Products for Network Integration Standards & Protocols

Abaco Systems announces GBX25 6U VME managed Ethernet switch

  • Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems announced manufacturing of first customer units of the GBX25 6U VME managed Ethernet switch, which is being manufactured at the Towcester, UK facility using\component placement systems that have recently been installed.

Protect Your Investment, Stay Up-to-Date: with iDTM

  • FDT Group

Protecting your investment these days is probably even more important than a couple of months ago.  As the global economy reacts to uncontrollable worldwide influences, now is the time to consider shifting strategies to streamline device integration, ensuring connectivity and data integrity for critical process applications. 

One-Stop-Shop FDT IIoT Platform Integration

  • FDT Group

M&M Software is an active member of the FDT Group and an FDT Solution Provider offering FDT-related consulting and development assistance to bring innovation to your products.  Our area of expertise focused on the Industrial IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and FDT will help you achieve IIoT-ready modernized business strategies based on the FDT IIoT Server™ (FITS™) solution today.

Manage Configuration and Monitor Diagnostics Information

  • FDT Group

Rockwell Automation continues to improve plant operations with enhanced DTMs for HART I/O modules in the 1756 ControlLogix®, 1794 FLEX™ and 1718/1719 Ex I/O families.

TeSys™ island by Schneider Electric

  • FDT Group

TeSys™ island is a digital load management solution that makes machines smarter and reliable. TeSys island is a fully digitized and object-oriented load management system and an Industry 4.0 compliant data provider. 

port introduces Industrial Communication Creator tool

The Industrial Communication Creator supports customers in the design phase. Due to its handling, this tool works to shorten of the design in phase.

FieldComm Group announces HART-IP Developer Kit

Based on the Raspberry PI (3B+) system and using GitHub repositories, the HART-IP Developer Kit provides a path for process instrumentation manufacturers to prototype and demonstrate high speed HART-IP instruments with minimal engineering effort. 

Dynapar introduces AI25 EtherNet/IP absolute encoder product line

  • Encoder Technology(Dynapar)

The AI25 EtherNet/IP encoder supports a range of configuration options, making it a solution for position and speed feedback applications in a variety of industries including packaging, material handling, printing and paper machinery, metal cutting and forming, wood processing and general factory automation

PEAK-System announces PCAN-Router Pro FD 6-channel router and data logger

  • PEAK-System Technik

The routing from CAN to CAN FD or vice versa allows the integration of new CAN FD applications into existing CAN 2.0 buses.

Beckhoff Automation releases EP7402 EtherCAT Box

  • Beckhoff Automation

This controller is a two-channel motor output stage for BLDC motors used in MDRs, regardless of the conveyor or roller motor vendor.