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The Impact of Industrial Automation on the Maintenance Department

  • by Bryan Christiansen
  • Feature

Industrial automation has been a bit slower to make an impact on the maintenance department. The nature of the work and the conservative tendencies of industry are perhaps some reasons for this. Recently, though, there has been more focus on automation in maintenance. These efforts have led to influence maintenance in several ways, which will be covered below.

Manufacturing Output: China And US to Lead The Way In Accelerated Global Recovery From COVID-19 Shock

  • by Adrian Lloyd
  • Feature

As pharmaceuticals companies Pfizer and Moderna give us cause for optimism on the vaccine front, our research shows that earlier estimations of the damage caused to manufacturing output in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic have seen positive adjustments, and that recovery is therefore going to be faster. So, we have what is potentially good news on two fronts.   

Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker Shows Upward Revision to US & Chinese Manufacturing Sectors

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Interact Analysis has published its newly updated Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker report–a comprehensive and highly-detailed report on the status of the global manufacturing sector. The latest update shows a notable upward revision to key manufacturing economies, with both China and the US being much less impacted than previously predicted. This quarter’s update report is available free to all here.

Controlling Temperature in the Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines

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Concerning COVID-19 vaccine storage and distribution, perhaps the most significant challenge exists in temperature control, as some COVID-19 vaccine candidates will require ultra-low temperature (ULT), typically ranging from -86 to -45°C.

Temperature Sensor Market is Projected to Reach USD 9 Billion by 2026

  • by Bipin Bangera
  • Feature

According to a recent study from market research firm Global Market Insights, The temperature sensor market is projected to garner noteworthy gains on account of surging application across diverse electronic appliances.

Case Study: Automating Production at the World’s First Facility Making Omega-3 Oil from Marine Algae

  • Case Study

Maintaining existing output at the facility while upgrading systems and processes was necessary to meet strict quality and production standards.

Schneider Electric's Annette Clayton Elected as NEMA Board of Governors Chair

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NEMA welcomes officers from Southwire Company, Phoenix Contact and Siemens USA.

IDS Adds New Development Site in Serbia

  • News

Since July 2020, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has been represented in Serbia with its own subsidiary.

ONDO Recognized with a Most Innovative Company Award

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ONDO has been awarded by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with a prestigious "Most Innovative Company" award.

Automation Fair From Rockwell Automation Returns as Hybrid Live & Virtual Event: Automation Fair At Home

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Rockwell Automation's new virtual event–mixed with forward-thinking sessions, exhibits and more–launches with more than 33,000 registered participants.