Products for Distributed Control System

Microchip Technology announces MXT288UD touch controller family

The MXT288UD-AM and the MXT144UD-AM devices offer low power mode, weatherproof operation and glove touch detection in multi-function displays, touch pad and smart surfaces for vehicles, motorcycles, e-bikes and car-sharing services.

AutomationDirect announces ProSense PPC5 series advanced process controllers

  • AutomationDirect

Made exclusively for AutomationDirect by Yokogawa, ProSense PPC5 series advanced process controllers handle temperature, pressure, level, flow, and other process variable control applications and offer a variety of control, input, output, alarm and communications options.

Bedrock Automation announces OSA+Flow software

  • Bedrock Automation

The OSA +Flow family embeds Flow-Cal measurement applications into the Bedrock Automation platform. Flow-Cal’s software is a choice for flow measurement and production-accounting data.

Siemens announces V8.0 of Braumat brewery process control system

  • Siemens

In order to enhance the reporting options, a batch report with a basic choice of process parameters has been integrated. Users can now create reports with the help of MS Excel. Braumat V8.0 is also now connected to the established PM- Quality option.

Emerson announce addition of Sigmafine platform to validate mass balance and yield accounting data

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

Through a partnership with parent company Pimsoft, Emerson is providing customers with an enterprise-wide platform designed to validate the accuracy, reliability and usability of plant measurements.

Red Lion Controls announces Crimson version 3.1

  • Red Lion Controls

In an effort to further optimize data intelligence, the latest version of Crimson has the ability to use expressions in filters for SQL queries. This allows operators to pull a subset of data from a SQL database based on dynamic search criteria.

American Control Electronics introduces CMC Series of standalone accessory card

  • American Control Electronics

This current sensing module is a tool for new and existing systems where an added level of monitoring and protection is required.

Rockwell Automation introduces ArmorStart ST distributed motor controllers

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

The ArmorStart ST with integrated safety is a networked safety enabled On-Machine solution designed to integrate into Allen-Bradley Logix controllers and programmed using Studio 5000 software.

AutomationDirect introduces PID loop control capability to CLICK series of micro brick PLCs

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

CLICK PID control is streamlined with only the features that most users need, including direct or reverse acting control, pulse width modulated control outputs, bumpless transfer, anti-windup, auto-tuning, process variable alarms, process variable limits, control output limits and error deadband.

Brooks Instrument adds EtherNet/IP interface to SLAMf Series mass flow controller (MFC) family of products.

  • Brooks Instrument

The addition makes the SLAMf Series an MFC from a U.S. supplier with NEMA 4X/IP66- rating and integrated EtherNet/IP communications as standard features. Therefore, this product series is a choice for the biotechnology and food and beverage industries, where hose-down/wash-down requirements are present.