Products for Final Control Elements

KNF introduces N 630 diaphragm vacuum/compressor pump series

  • KNF Neuberger Inc.

Four versions are available for use in industrial coolant systems, gas recycling, gas and emissions measurement/analysis, and leak detection across a variety of industries, from chemical processing and energy to physics research.

Spartan Scientific announces APVS Media Separated Valve Series

  • Spartan Scientific

The series includes inert gas/spring-operated valves to control high-purity, aggressive, and corrosive liquid chemicals while allowing a flow rate superior to other similar valves on the market.

ABB announces Sensyflow FMT700-P Compact thermal mass flowmeter

  • ABB

Accurate to 0.8% of reading, across extendable and adjustable measuring ranges, this flowmeter is suited to fine-tuning the efficiency of cells that combine hydrogen and air to produce electrical power, emitting only water in the process.

Swagelok releases GB series ball valve

  • Swagelok Company

The valve is engineered to provide high flow rates at a working pressure of 6000 psig (413 bar) while delivering the shutoff performance needed to keep workers safe and systems operating in a variety of demanding applications.

Bronkhorst introduces Bronkhorst FlowSuite app

  • Bronkhorst Usa Inc.

The user interface is adaptive and multi-lingual (English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean). Bronkhorst FlowSuite is available from the Microsoft store.

Vortab announces series of Vortab process flow conditioners

The Vortab Company’s product line of process flow conditioners, with their flow profile and anti-swirl tab design, correct flow disturbances to mimic adequate pipe straight run and produce a highly repeatable, symmetrical flow profile. and Assured Automation release ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controller

  • Assured Automation

The ABC works with any meter that has a pulse output and either a valve or pump. The operator uses the arrow keys to set the batch volume, then presses the start button.

AutomationDirect announces ProSense motor control relays

  • AutomationDirect

Automation Direct announced ProSense motor control relays to perform specific protective functions for motors or motor components.

Emerson releases Micro Motion ProcessViz software solution for flow meter process data visualization

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

The software supports the Micro Motion Coriolis transmitters with data historian output capabilities such as the 5700 and 4200 models and provides a snapshot of a moment in time in the flow process.

EXAIR introduces 1/8 NPT No Drip Internal Mix Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles

  • Exair Corp

The No Drip Internal Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles work in the same way our standard atomizing nozzles do, but have the added benefit of positively stopping liquid flow when compressed air is shut off.