Himmelstein releases MCRT 48600V Series Digital Torque Sensor

  • S. Himmelstein and Co.

Output signals for torque, speed and horsepower are provided as analog (±5 or ±10 Vdc) and digital over RS232 serial port.  Available capacities are from 10 to 200 ozf-in (0.07 to 1.4 Nm).

ABB introduces PxS100 range of pressure transmitters

  • ABB

The PxS100 range is suitable for use in the water, wastewater, metals, mining, pulp and paper, cement, and power ancillary sectors.

AMETEK introduces Model 575 intrinsically safe level transmitter


The Model DDMC meter is used to power the Model 575 transmitter through approved electrical barriers.  The DDMC also provides a continuous display of the level in the tank. 

Saelig introduces GWInstek GLC-9000 Leakage Current Tester

This tester uses nine measurement device networks to simulate the human body interacting with equipment under test. Leakage current testing is needed to ensure that products comply with specific standards and regulations such as IEC, UL, JIS, etc.

Badger Meter announces Dynasonics UHC100 ultrasonic thermal energy meter

  • Badger Meter

The UHC100 meter meets the need for accurate measurement of thermal energy metering in accordance with strict industry guidelines.

Kistler announces 9323AAA piezoelectric force sensor

  • Kistler Instrument Corporation

The 9323AAA piezoelectric force sensor was developed on the basis of the 9323 product family. It offers a solution for calibrating force sensors installed in production machinery.

Spartan Scientific announces APVS Media Separated Valve Series

  • Spartan Scientific

The series includes inert gas/spring-operated valves to control high-purity, aggressive, and corrosive liquid chemicals while allowing a flow rate superior to other similar valves on the market.

Additel introduces ADT875-1210 and ADT878-1210 thermocouple calibration furnaces

  • Additel Corporation

Each unit comes standard with Additel’s patented tri-zone “Adaptive Control” to provide the specifications relating to stability, radial and axial uniformity and loading.   

Additel releases Additel 761A series of calibrators

The ADT761A features: increased pressure range to 1,000 psi (70 bar), removable internal pressure modules, optional precision models to 0.01%FS, increased speed to pressure, ability to read two external pressure modules, touch screen display, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet communications and double the original battery life.

AMETEK introduces HPC50 handheld pressure calibrator

  • Ametek

Common applications include maintenance and troubleshooting of gauges, switches, transmitters, transducers, valves, gas meters, flow computers, pumps, and filters. The HPC50 can also replace a deadweight tester.