Products for Process Composition Analyzers and Techniques

FCI's Thermal Mass Flow Meters Excel in Hydrogen (H2) Measurement

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

Engineers and plant operators responsible for producing, using, dispensing or distributing  hydrogen (H2) gas will find accurate and rugged flow meter solutions in the ST Series Thermal Flow Meters from Fluid Components International (FCI).

FCI's Universal FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor Has SP76 Adapter for NeSSI Compliant Analyzer Systems

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

Ideal for gas or liquid analyzer sampling systems in oil/gas refining, chemical processing,
stack monitoring, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals semiconductor fabrication.

Additel introduces ADT875-1210 and ADT878-1210 thermocouple calibration furnaces

  • Additel Corporation

Each unit comes standard with Additel’s patented tri-zone “Adaptive Control” to provide the specifications relating to stability, radial and axial uniformity and loading.   

Würth Elektronik announces WE-CLFS EMC Line Filters

All WE-CLFS filters have at least 65dB of peak attenuation, and come with UL and VDE certifications, which ensures safety requirements are already factored into the design. With 3 different types available: single stage, single-stage advanced, and two-stage, with options of with a rated current up to 20A.

Analytical Systems Keco introduces Model 205 H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer

  • Analytical Systems International KECO

The Model 205 H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer replaces manual grab sampling for lab analysis

Endress+Hauser announces CA76NA and CA80SI analyzers for power industry applications

  • Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The CA76NA monitors sodium, while the CA80SI analyzes for silica in boiler feedwater, steam, condensate and ion exchangers. Each analyzer can accept up to six sampling inputs.

AMETEK Process Instruments introduces 3050 series of moisture analyzers

  • Ametek

Originally designed for WDG-V analyzers, the AMEVision system provides real-time moisture measurements and trend data while also detailing a variety of maintenance and troubleshooting information.

Electro-Chemical Devices introduces S80-T80 family of modular liquid analyzers

The family of modular S80-T80 Liquid Analyzers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is designed to provide engineers and managers with the process data they need to obtain and maintain a wide range of global, regional and local quality, environmental, safety and other certifications.

Wahl Instruments introduces Flue Gas Analyzers

Flue Gas Combustion Analyzers are available in two versions: U Line models are designed for HVAC applications, while G Line models are for industrial applications.