Products for Instruments & Sensors

EXspect 271 Turbidity Sensor Can Now be Approved for an Extended Pressure Range

As a result of the optimisations carried out and extensive series of tests, the tried and tested EXspect 271 turbidity sensor can now be approved for an extended pressure range.

Automation Products, Inc. Introduces the Dynatrol Density Digital Converter

  • Automation Products

The Dynatrol® Density Digital Converter has an onboard microcontroller.  It is precalibrated and ready for use, with no programming necessary. 

Netzer Introduces VLX-60 Two-Plate Ring Absolute Encoder for Harsh Environments

The VLX-60 is a new member of the VLX series of Electric Encoders™ a product line based on Netzer Precision Motion Sensor proprietary technology.

AutomationDirect Presents New Prosense Basic Series Proximity Sensors

  • AutomationDirect

The new Prosense Basic series of proximity sensors offer great value for general industrial applications.

Acromag's Dual Channel Transmitters Reduce Costs and Save Space for Signal Isolation and Conversion

  • Acromag

Acromag now offers dual-channel versions of their popular process transmitters for signal conditioning of temperature, voltage, current, and resistance sensor inputs.

Tadiran Lithium Batteries Survive -80 Degrees Celcius to Continuously Monitor the Transport of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Tadiran, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries, offers bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries that have been specially modified for use in the cold chain, enabling wireless sensors to continuously monitor the transport of foods, medicines, vaccines and tissue specimens that are frozen or packed in dry ice.

Posital Provides Wiegand Sensors: Proximity Sensing with Extra Powers

  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.

Wiegand sensors, tiny devices that use variations in an external magnetic field to generate electrical signals and energy, have unique properties that make them a useful option for proximity sensing systems.

TDK Releases Tronics AXO 315: High Performance, Force-rebalance SMD MEMS Accelerometer with Digital Interface

TDK Corporation announces the release of Tronics AXO®315, a miniature high performance 1-axis closed-loop MEMS accelerometer with a 24-bit digital SPI interface and SMD package.

Nexen Introduces Industry 4.0 Sensor Solutions for Brake Applications to Maximize Machine Efficiency

  • Nexen Group, Inc.

Nexen Group, Inc. announces the release of the of Industry 4.0 Sensors included with the Zero-Backlash Spring Engaged (ZSE) brake, Servo Motor brake, and Slide Rail brake families.

Drexelbrook Expands Range of Coaxial Sensors for Guided Wave Radar Level Measurement

AMETEK Drexelbrook, a world leader in level measurement technology, has expanded its guided wave radar, level measurement offering with the introduction of an enlarged coaxial sensor for The Impulse GWR.