EGE introduces SDN 501/1 GSP-DYN flow controller

  • EGE-Elektronik

Suitable for most common liquids such as water, alcohol, oils, and fluid greases, the flow sensor is designed for monitoring minimum lubrication or ensuring that the right amounts of chemicals or additives are metered out.

AutomationDirect introduces PID loop control capability to CLICK series of micro brick PLCs

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

CLICK PID control is streamlined with only the features that most users need, including direct or reverse acting control, pulse width modulated control outputs, bumpless transfer, anti-windup, auto-tuning, process variable alarms, process variable limits, control output limits and error deadband.

Red Lion announces enhancements to PXU series of PID controllers

  • Red Lion Controls

Red Lion Controls announced additional features for its PXU series of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers, including Ramp/Soak, CT Input, 2nd Analog Input and 2nd Analog Output.

Red Lion adds Ramp Soak capability and FlexCard plug-in options for PAX2C PID controllers

  • Red Lion Controls

Red Lion’s PAX2C PID controllers offer PID control options for process and temperature applications that require local control across automation processes.

FDC 100/C Series Panel DIN Mount PID Temperture Controls

  • Future Design Controls, Inc.

FDC's 100/C Series PID Temperature Controls provide low OEM cost High Performance temperature control solutions starting at $139