Products for Process Safety

HEMCO introduces Safety Station

  • HEMCO Power & Control Systems Limited

It is ideal for laboratories where persons may be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals. Sanitary white polypro construction means there is no wood or metal to rot or rust.

Swagelok releases GB series ball valve

  • Swagelok Company

The valve is engineered to provide high flow rates at a working pressure of 6000 psig (413 bar) while delivering the shutoff performance needed to keep workers safe and systems operating in a variety of demanding applications.

Lenox Instrument Company introduces FireSight Explosion-Proof Camera System

  • Lenox Automacao e Tecnologia

Lenox Instrument Company introduces a FireSight Explosion-Proof Camera System that provides real time color video monitoring and digital recording capabilities of the inside of hazardous area process/fired heaters found in gas plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

Mencom introduces MIXO ONE series aluminum housings system

  • Mencom Corporation

The numerous combinations of the MIXO ONE housings and single-sized MIXO inserts will allow each module to be converted into a fully independent connector for electrical power, data transmission, optical signals, or compressed air applications.

Optris introduces fever detection system

  • Optris

The system can be used with two different methods: The temperature of people in a crowd can be recorded, or people can be checked individually for an elevated temperature. The second method provides more reliable results because the temperature measurement can be taken at the eyelid where the temperature has the strongest correlation to the body’s core temperature.

ITSENCLOSURES announces NEMA 4 desktop IR282626-04 rack enclosure


The IR28-04 front and rear doors feature two-point latching with locks and long-lasting dual durometer EPDM gasket.

Creform announces mobile temperature screening station

  • Creform Corp.

Creform Corporation has developed a temperature screening station to help companies combat the spread of COVID-19 and to safely check visitors coming in to its facilities, as well as an ongoing check on its employee associates.

Kurt Hydraulics introduces two lines of high temperature hoses

  • Kurt Manufacturing, Industrial Products Div.

Recommended for high pressure, high temperature hydraulic oil lines, this Kurt hose handles both high pressure, high temperature applications.

Pfannenberg announces Type 3R Outdoor Filterfans

  • Pfannenberg

The Outdoor Filterfan is a rainproof filter fan with an airflow suitable for outdoor weather conditions, which makes a rainhood unnecessary for most applications.

EXAIR announces 1/2 NPT No Drip External Mix Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles

  • Exair Corp

EXAIR's 1/2 NPT No Drip External Mix Atomizing Nozzles are available in a narrow angle flat fan pattern. They are for pressure fed applications with independent air and liquid control.