Products for Continuous & Batch Processing

NewTek Hermetically-Sealed AC-LVDTs Offer a Safe Solution for Position Measurement in High-Risk Areas

NewTek Hermetically-Sealed AC-operated LVDTs enable safe position measurement in high-risk areas to protect operators from harm.

Rockwell Automation Nearly Doubles Input Voltage Capacity for Compact PowerFlex Drive

  • Rockwell Automation

The newest medium voltage variable drive frequency from Rockwell Automation delivers industry-leading performance in about half the space.

Emerson’s Emergency Shutdown Discrete Valve Controller Improves Safety, Uptime in Hazardous Applications

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

TopWorx DX Partial Stroke Test with HART 7 provides detailed valve assembly data and diagnostics, enabling predictive maintenance and reliable operation.

Lanner Electronics Launches Falcon H8 PCIe AI Accelerator Card

  • Lanner Inc.

Lanner Electronics & Hailo have collaborated on one of the most cost-efficient PCIe accelerator cards on the market, with record high tera operations per second (TOPS), enabling high-end deep learning applications on edge servers.

Alliance Sensors Groups Announces SSx-7 Series of LVIT Subsea Position Sensors

  • Alliance Sensors Group

Alliance Sensors Groups announces its SSx-7 series of LVIT subsea position sensors.

STMicroelectronics Launches MDmesh MOSFETs, Raising Power Density and Efficiency

  • STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics’ STPOWER MDmesh M9 and DM9 N-channel super-junction multi-drain silicon power MOSFETs are ideal for switched-mode power supplies in applications from data-center servers and 5G infrastructure to flat-panel televisions.

Beckhoff I/O Terminal Supports High-voltage Measurement for Renewable Energy

  • Beckhoff Automation

Designed for batteries, generators and motor applications up to 1,000 V, the new ELM3002-0205 EtherCAT Terminal enables extremely precise and reliable measurement.

Process Insights Launches Guided Wave Resistance Temperature Detector Insertion Probe

Process Insights has expanded their innovative process analyzer systems that measure physical properties online with a Guided Wave new probe design that delivers more measurement solutions for reactor operators.

Bosch Rexroth Introduces New Reliable Actuator for Heavy Loads

  • Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth has added the new EMC-HP series for loads of up to 100 kN to its range of electromechanical cylinders.

Nordson Electronics Solutions Introduces Helios System for Dispensing Single-component Thermal Interface Materials

The product includes new, easy-to-operate pail pump with unique pail change and loading method, which also reduces material waste.