Products for Continuous & Batch Processing

Softing Announces New FiberXpert 700 Fiber Optic Testing Kit For Tier 1 Multimode and Singlemode Certification

  • Softing Inc.

Expanding its cable certification and testing portfolio, Softing now provides fiber optic installers with a fast, flexible and cost-effective device for Tier 1 fiber optic certification.

FCI Presents Industry’s Widest Choice of SIL-Rated Thermal Flow Meters for Safety Critical Applications

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

Process and plant engineers in demanding industries who are responsible for safety-instrumented systems requiring air/gas flow measurement will find that Fluid Components International offers them the industry’s broadest selection of SIL -rated thermal mass air/gas flow meters.

Ashcroft Introduces High-Purity Pressure Gauge with Reed Switch

  • Ashcroft Inc.

The Ashcroft 50 mm HPS high-purity pressure gauge with Reed Switch is ultrasonically cleaned to provide exceptional quality and reliability in ultra-high purity gas delivery systems.

Abaco's New SBCs Feature Latest Intel Technology

  • Abaco Systems

Two new rugged computers from Abaco Systems feature the recently introduced Intel Xeon D-2700 processor delivering powerful 100Gb Ethernet (100GbE) capability.

Aquarius Spectrum Announces AQSense-Edge

3,000 AQSense-Edge sensors have already been deployed in customer sites in USA, Europe and Israel, with exceptional results. Further installations are expected soon around the world.

Endress+Hauser Introduces Netilion Water Networks Insights

  • Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The innovative, cloud-based monitoring solution from Endress+Hauser paves the way to comprehensive optimization and automation for water networks—from anywhere at any time.

Tolomatic's Rod-style Electric Actuator Meets Hygienic Standards

  • Tolomatic

A new RSH electric hygienic rod-style actuator from Tolomatic delivers clean, continuous control to automation machinery.

igus Presents Bar Stock for Food, Continuous Operation and High Media Resistance

  • igus, Inc.

These round bars made of tribo-plastics are suitable for maintenance-free special components in a wide variety of environments.

FCI's Flow Switch Protects Pricey Pumps From Dry Running Conditions That Shorten Their Lives

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

The FLT93 Series Flow Switch from  Fluid Components International (FCI)  provides a reliable early warning alert to the potential of dry running conditions, cavitation and other pump issues that can lead to emergency shutdowns, service interruptions and unplanned costly maintenance.

STMicroelectronics’ 'Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit' Integrates Brains into Sensors to Launch Onlife Era

  • STMicroelectronics

Combining signal processing and AI algorithms onto MEMS sensors injects local decision-making while substantially saving space and power.