Resources for Continuous & Batch Processing

Jacobs Vehicle Systems: Leveraging IIoT for Process Control and Traceability

  • White Paper

See how all of Jacob Vehicle Systems' new assembly modules are fully IIoT capable, in both automated and human-operated lines, with CAI ShopVue MES and its Direct Machine Interface.

InTech Digital Magazine February 2023

  • Ebook

Download the February 2023 edition of InTech digital magazine now!

White Paper: For MQTT Smarter Is Better

  • White Paper

With increasing interest in connecting OT (operations technology) to IT, MQTT has been called upon to connect not only sensors and actuators in the field but also edge devices, SCADA systems, IoT gateways and more.

Automation 2022 Volume 6: IIoT & Industry 4.0

  • Ebook

In this edition of AUTOMATION 2022, you’ll gain insights into ensuring continuous data gathering through IIoT devices supported by maintenance-free batteries that can power wireless devices for decades.

Webinar: Easy and Efficient Equipment Health Monitoring

  • Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how to boost productivity, reduce risk and cut operational expenses by monitoring, managing and configuring IIoT transmitters from one consolidated platform.

InTech Focus: Systems Integration 2022

  • Ebook

In this issue of InTech FOCUS, you will find case studies on temperature measurement and pump management; articles on severe service control valve specification and time-sensitive networking (TSN); and stories on robotics.

Webinar: Infrared Measurement for Quality and Process Control

  • Webinar

Join IR camera and signal processing experts from Optris to learn how thermal analysis software and infrared measurement devices can work together to enable constant monitoring and control of virtually every manufacturing process.

Annual Industrial Automation & Control Trends Report 2022

  • Ebook

In Bill Lydon's 7th annual trends report, he discusses the manufacturing industry's tipping point that's providing the opportunity to pull ahead of competitors with digital transformation enabled by many ideas and technologies.

White Paper: RelaxC Controller Improves and Maintains Process Control

  • White Paper

This next-generation process controller is a real alternative to the complexity and difficulty of tuning conventional controllers.

InTech Focus: Temperature & Pressure 2022

  • Ebook InTech Focus

Experienced personnel who understand measurement instrumentation—its potential as well as the limits—can help temper expectations and ensure that digital transformation efforts are a success. Find out more in this edition of InTech FOCUS centered on temperature and pressure measurement.