Products for Automatic Identification

Cognex announces DataMan 475 Inline Barcode Verifier

  • Cognex Corporation

The DataMan 475V is packed with optics, lighting, grading algorithms, and a high-resolution camera to capture and grade difficult codes. The system uses DataMan’s multi-core processing engine to ensure ISO compliance at production line speeds.  

OndoSense announces IoT sensor to detect metallic structures in plastics and non-conductive materials

With its connected sensors based on radar technology and smart software, the startup's cloud-based IoT sensor solutions provide companies with relevant data for the intelligent control and regulation of production systems and machines.

EPLAN announces version 2.9 of the EPLAN Platform

  • EPLAN Software & Services

Users can generate QR codes, which can be opened out in the field. Layers Management ensures all changes are saved automatically. Projects can be completed with mass editing of project data using expanded navigators.

iTRACE and Leuze announce integration of iTRACE 2DMI with Leuze DCR 200i Camera Based Code Reader for Blockchain registration and authentication

  • Leuze electronic

With the integration of 2DMI with the Leuze DCR 200i range of camera-based code readers, customers are now able to capture transaction and authentication information automatically anywhere in the supply chain.

SATO America announces PV3 thermal printer

  • SATO America, Inc.

The PV3 is designed as a solution for companies needing large roll capacity, battery life, connectivity and built-in dispenser functionality.

EVT announces EyeScan AT 3D sensor for optical character recognition and barcode reading

The integrated tool “surface OCR” recognizes and extracts character strings from surfaces. For that it uses either the scan data of the 3D-height map or the 2D intensity data.

Endress+Hauser and Softing announce combination of Softing's mobiLink interface with Endress+Hauser's Field Xpert

  • Softing Inc.

The combination of Softing's mobiLink interface with the Field Xpert SMT70 or SMT77 Tablet PC from Endress+Hauser offers users a system solution for configuring and parameterizing field devices for the most important process automation protocols - HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Saki introduces 3Xi-M110 3D-CT automated X-ray inspection machine

The 3Xi-M110 reduces the dose and exposure to X-rays during inspection and features soldering quality inspection functions for PCB assembly applications.

BitFlow partners with One Box Vision to introduces PackFlow print inspection solution

The PackFlow bundle features all the components needed for a print machine manufacturer or system integrator: line-scan cameras, BitFlow Axion-CL 2xE frame grabbers, software and LED illuminator. PackFlow installation performs quality checks at the full speed of the production line.

Balluff introduces U-890 UHF handheld RFID reader

Balluff’s U-890 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) handheld RFID reader works to simplify mobile data collection.