Products for Computer-Based Control

WEROCK Offers Operating System Update for Rocktab S108 and Rocktab S110 Rugged Android Tablets

Rugged tablets receive Android 11 update including Google Mobile service.

ASRock Industrial Releases the Next-level Powerhouse NUC 1200 BOX Series Mini PCs

  • ASRock Industrial

ASRock Industrial launched NUC 1200 BOX Series Mini PCs and NUC 1200 Motherboard Series, the next-level Powerhouse taking evolutionary leaps with 12th Gen Intel Core Processors (Alder Lake-P).

Sealevel Announces The HazPAC 10 Rugged Panel PC for Hazardous Environments

  • Sealevel Systems, Inc

Sealevel Systems, Inc., an industry leader for industrial I/O and computing, announces the HazPAC10 Rugged Panel PC.

Microchip's Capacitive Touchscreen Controller Family for the Home Appliance Market Dedicated to Work in Harsh and Noisy Environments

  • Microchip

Microchip extends its functional-safety-certified family of capacitive maXTouch touchscreen controllers with the MXT448UD-HA and MXT640UD-HA to address screen sizes beyond 10 inches.

GE Digital Announces Updates to Proficy Plant Digital Plant Software Portfolio

  • GE Digital Energy

This software accelerates digitization for industrial organizations by supporting the digital worker as part of infrastructure modernization, enterprise visibility and scalability, and continuous improvement of operations.

Nanotec Introduces LGA35 Captive Linear Actuator

  • Nanotec Electronic, US, Inc.

The LGA35 series comes with stroke lengths of 19.05 mm and 36.1 mm. For customized designs, nine further thread pitches up to 9.75 mm and stroke lengths of up to 63.5 mm are available.

Advantech announces UNO-220 Raspberry Pi-ready industrial-grade gateway kit

  • Advantech Industrial Automation Group

In keeping with IoT technology trends, UNO-220 is designed for customers that use Raspberry Pi single-board computers (SBCs) for developing unique IoT applications.

H2W Technologies announces NCC14-78-830-1SM DC linear actuator

  • H2W Technologies

The model NCC14-78-830-1SM can generate a continuous force of 92 pounds [410 N] and a peak force of 294 pounds [1300 N] at a duty cycle of 10% (i.e. 1 second on, and 9 seconds off).  A moving mass of 4.4 lbs [1.97 kg] allows for a maximum theoretical continuous acceleration of more than 20 G’s.