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Security and Safety Becoming Big Business

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Frost & Sullivan predicts big changes are ahead in how to manage the global cyber threat, including the growing concern of state sponsored involvement and complexity of attacks on private business.

B&R to supply PCs to Datalogic

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Datalogic Automation will use B&R Automation PC 910 systems in its UX series of vision processors.

Mobility opportunities & challenges

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By Bill Lydon, Editor The dramatic cost reductions and increased computing power of mobile devices are creating opportunities to operate plants more efficiently and increase the productivity of personnel. Mobile devices can include smart phones, tablets, netbooks and notebook computers.

4 Ways that Mobile Manufacturing Software Helps IT and Operations

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By Greg Goodwin, LNS Research A trend that is causing waves and innovative ways of doing things today with Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software is mobile technology. So what are the current attitudes on mobile capabilities? Here are four ways mobile capabilities are helping manufacturers transform their operations and IT landscapes today.

HMI simplifies FDA and USDA compliance reporting

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By: Julio Delgado, Stock America HMI software from InduSoft provides eSignatures, database connectivity and other features vital to proper process validation and compliance with food and pharmaceutical regulations.

A Case for Mobile HMIs in Automation

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By Rich Hunzinger, B-Scada One of the fastest-growing and most widespread trends in the HMI and SCADA software realms is that of mobility. Namely, how can we - or should we - take advantage of mobile devices in automated work environments?

Red Lion Crimson Software Supports 300+ Protocols

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Crimson-enabled products allow companies to easily integrate almost any PLC, PC or SCADA system for data collection, monitoring and control.

Combined HMI+PLC Unit vs. Separate HMI & PLC System

  • by Don Pham, IDEC
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Combining PLC processing and HMI monitoring and control into a single hardware platform is becoming a more available and popular option. This article compares the combined HMI+PLC unit with the separate HMI & PLC system and highlights where each excels.

Is Schneider Electric committed to software?

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By Rick Zabel, Publisher & Editor Since Schneider Electric's purchase of Invensys, I have been waiting to hear some news about the integration of the two companies. That news, as it relates to software, was delivered last week at Schneider Electric's first Global Software Customer Conference.

Exor obtains ATEX and UL Certification for HMIs

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The eTOP Series 500 Glass HMI has ATEX and UL Class I. Div 2 Hazardous location approvals for use in Oil, Gas and harsh environments.