Products for Embedded Control

Aegis releases 3U VPX Power Card

  • Aegis Power Systems, Inc

The latest VPX power supply is released from Aegis Power Systems, Inc. featuring 3U form factor, 650W output, and 270Vdc input.

Alicat Scientific introduces EPC & EPCD family of pressure controllers

  • Alicat Scientific

EPC instruments are ideal for use in OEM gas chromatographs, fluidics dispensing for flow cytometry, and anywhere responsive pressure control is needed.

Beckhoff introduces many-core hardware to its CX2000 series of embedded PCs

  • Beckhoff Automation

These CX20x2 devices will integrate Intel Xeon D processors, each with 4, 8 or 12 CPU cores of the Intel Core microarchitecture. Beckhoff originally demonstrated many-core control technology in the C6670 series industrial servers for cabinet installation.

HMS announces CC-Link IE communication module for Anybus CompactCom

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

Anybus CompactCom is a range of embedded communication interfaces which provides automation devices with connectivity to any industrial network – fieldbuses as well as industrial Ethernet.

Axiomtek releases the eBOX670-891-FL embedded computer

The eBOX670-891-FL is a solution for host computers, cloud computing servers, multimedia, network video recorders (NVRs) for wayside/station surveillance systems and smart factory automation applications.

iBASE introduces ASB200-915 fanless computing system

  • IBASE Technology Inc.

The ASB200-915 comes with a design and features that make it an ideal solution for control systems in factory automation, power plants, transportation and other applications in harsh environment conditions.

Vecow releases Vecow 10 GigE Series embedded computing system

Vecow 10 GigE Series embedded system is a solution for Machine Vision, Intelligent Automation, Smart Manufacturing, ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), Vehicle Computing, Energy Management, Cloud Computing and any 10 GigE Industry 4.0 real-time embedded computing applications.

Mentor Graphics announces EtherCAT protocol support for Nucleus RTOS

Designed to meet the rigorous timing requirements for industrial automation, the reference solution delivers EtherCAT cycle times of 100 microsecond cycles (10,000 frames per second) with a low jitter rate for precise device synchronization.

TT Electronics introduces LRZ0603 zero-ohm link

The LRZ0603 offers a compact 6A zero ohm link in a surface mount ceramic chip format. The LRZ0603 can also be used as a crossover to simplify PCB design by reducing the number of layers needed.

Pentek introduces Jade family of FPGAs

Evolved from the designs of the Pentek Cobalt and Onyx architectures, Jade is based on the Xilinx flagship Kintex UltraScale FPGA.