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Beckhoff helps LSP Technologies increase flexibility in laser peening system

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To meet challenges, LSPT sought technologies that were reliable, accurate and fast. The system’s complex requirements made Beckhoff Automation a fit for LSPT.

Rolls-Royce announces electronics manufacturing capability at Purdue

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The first controller has been completed at Rolls-Royce in the Purdue Research Foundation’s Discovery Park District adjacent to the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, and will be installed onto a Rolls-Royce AE 3007H engine, manufactured at the company’s facilities in Indianapolis.

MHS announces acquisition of eMotion Controls controls system integration and software company

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Based in Grand Rapids, MI, eMotion partners with its customers to provide material handling systems integration, hardware design, software and robotic solutions across its customer base

Getting Your Money's Worth: Reducing the cost of owning a motor

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By Jonathan Wilkins, EU Automation An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into rotary kinetic energy, powering many diverse processes like a drive, fan, pump or conveyor belt. Each process requires a specific motor, with specialised characteristics for each unique function. This article explores the best ways of reducing costs related to running a motor.

NK Technologies announces Motors and Pumps Tech Guide

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The handbook is resource for learning the basics about current sensing theory, current transducers and switches, and choosing a solution for an application.

Benshaw announces acquisition of Aucom Electronics

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The combined organization, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., offers a full range of applied motor control solutions, and is a supplier of low and medium voltage soft starters. Global operations now include facilities in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Middle East and Asia.

Fives DyAG announces opening of Center of Competency for Controls Engineering in South Carolina

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The facility replaces Fives DyAG Corp.’s previous operations in Charlotte, North Carolina, bringing automation support closer to existing customers, while expanding visibility within the region’s commercial manufacturing

NUM announces opening of Indian office

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NUM AG has opened a branch in Bangalore in November 2019. With this expansion in Asia, the international company with headquarters in Teufen, Switzerland, intends to reinforce its position in the field of CNC controls.

Valcor Engineering announces solar energy effort to enhance environmental protection

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Their most recent endeavor involves the installation of 2,194 solar panels on the building’s recently replaced roof.

Interact Analysis Report: Motion Control Market to Exceed $15B by 2023

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Despite a small decline in 2019 (-3.8%) the report outlines how the market for motion control products will grow strongly, ultimately exceeding $15bn in 2023.