Products for Discrete Manufacturing & Machine Control

STMicroelectronics Unveils Next-Generation MEMS Accelerometer for High-Performance Automotive Applications

  • STMicroelectronics

The STMicroelectronics AIS2IH three-axis linear accelerometer brings enhanced resolution, temperature stability, and mechanical robustness to non-safety automotive applications including anti-theft, telematics, infotainment, tilt/inclination measurement, and vehicle navigation.

HARTING's Component Carriers Simplify the Mounting of Sensors

  • HARTING Inc. of North America

HARTING has developed a component carrier that can be mounted directly with electronic components allowing previous manual assembly processes to be automated.

JAI's New Camera Delivers 26-Megapixel Images at 150 FPS

  • JAI, Inc.

JAI today introduced the Spark Series SP-25000-CXP4A, a new 26-megapixel high performance industrial area scan camera capable of providing full resolution images at 150 frames per second.

MB Dynamics' New Lateral Excitation Stand Reduces Experimental Modal Survey Measurement Errors

MB Dynamics, Inc., announced the global market introduction of its Lateral Excitation Stand.

Allen Institute for AI Introduces Object Manipulation in Robotics Testing Scenario

AI2-THOR celebrates five years by gaining an arm called ManipulaTHOR.

TIMA's Logistic Robot Offers Effective and Speedy Cargo Handling in Warehouses

TIMA logistic robot allows you to optimize warehouse logistics and increase the speed and quality of cargo handling. The TIMA warehouse robot is designed to transport goods weighing up to 100 kg through the territory of a closed warehouse with the ability to identify and avoid obstacles.

VTT Develops Machine Vision to Support Autonomous Drones and Robots–Inspired by Human Vision System

Autonomously moving drones and other robots must observe their environment and interpret their observations without interruption. Using current technologies, this requires more energy than the batteries of a lightweight device can provide. That is why VTT and its partners are developing a fast, safe and energy-efficient machine vision system inspired by the human vision system.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS' Energy-efficient Synchronous Motors Set New Standards


Energy-efficient, cost-conscious and environmentally friendly: With its IE5+ synchronous motor, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is setting new standards.

Microchip Introduces First Automotive-Qualified, Single-Chip Solution for Large, Ultrawide Touch Displays

  • Microchip

Supporting LCD and OLED displays, Microchip’s latest maXTouch touchscreen controller reduces integration complexity and cost for ultrawide touch displays up to 45 inches.

Mikrotron EoSens Creation Series Brings Ultra High-Speed Image Processing to the Edge

Cameras can be easily tailored for custom target applications using built-in FPGA.