Resources for Discrete Manufacturing & Machine Control

White Paper: Modernizing the Manufacturing Industry with MQTT

  • White Paper

Moving data within different levels of factory automation is easier said than done. For brownfield projects, the current data exchange method is often through proprietary protocols resulting in data silos. This whitepaper highlights how MQTT can bring data interoperability and help modernize smart manufacturing.

InTech Focus: Control Systems 2022

  • Ebook InTech Focus

At a growing rate, automation and control professionals are finding new ways to use edge-oriented control architectures to enhance complex control systems.

White Paper: Preventing Cyber Attacks in Industrial Manufacturing

  • White Paper

With increasingly interconnected systems and exponentially growing quantities of data, industrial operations must consider not if a cyber attack will occur, but how to respond when it does.

Annual Industrial Automation & Control Trends Report 2022

  • Ebook

In Bill Lydon's 7th annual trends report, he discusses the manufacturing industry's tipping point that's providing the opportunity to pull ahead of competitors with digital transformation enabled by many ideas and technologies.

Maximizing Gearmotor Speed Range

  • White Paper

In this white paper, you’ll learn why it can be a good idea to push gearmotors beyond 60Hz. You will also learn how to break the 60Hz barrier safely and effectively. Finally, we’ll walk through a common example that will show you how to select the proper gearmotor for a wide speed range.

Webinar: Making Product Quality Profitable for Manufacturers

  • Webinar

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the current state of quality in manufacturing, key challenges, and how Plex QMS addresses those challenges.

Webinar: Best Practices for HMI/SCADA Security

  • Webinar

With outdated system architectures, unsupported software, and obsolete hardware, as well as a lack of HMI/SCADA deployment best practices, your system reliability decreases—while your risk and potential for disaster increase.

Automation Salary Survey 2020-21

  • White Paper

This 2020-2021 Automation Salary Survey report will explicate data collected in mid-2021 about the salaries and work lives of automation professionals across the globe in various industries and stages of their careers.

Webinar: Scalability in Automation - Who’s the Weakest Link?

  • Webinar

This webinar discusses the criteria to consider when implementing an automation system that can scale, such as architecture, and the maximum number of users and control points, since an underperforming system can have a huge impact on your application.

White Paper: Getting Your TSN Product to Market

  • White Paper

Created for automation vendors, “Getting your TSN product to market” provides a practical insight on how to implement the technology and the importance of conformance testing for TSN products.