Applied Manufacturing Technologies introduces jobHopper collaborative robot workstation

  • Applied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

jobHopper is a customizable collaborative robot system which allows manufacturers to use a single portable robot for a variety of applications on the plant floor.  Its fenceless workstation permits side-by-side work with human operators. 

Tompkins Robotics announces t-Sort solution for micro-fulfillment

The micro-fulfillment solution utilizes the company’s t-Sort autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to optimize operations in a store backroom, micro-fulfillment center (MFC) or dark store.

ABB announces Robot Control Mate add-on to Robot Studio software

  • ABB

Robot Control Mate is an add-on to RobotStudio, enabling users to jog, teach and calibrate robots from their computer, to control a SCARA robot’s movements.

Creform releases model CA-B50100-BST NSI AGV with kitting cart

  • Creform Corp.

The Creform AGV provides for a 50-course programming capability using HMI screen located at one end of the AGV. 

Universal Robots announces Injection Molding Machine Interface

  • Universal Robotics Inc

The IMMI is installed in the UR cobots’ control box in less than ten minutes, providing deep integration with the robot system, including safety functionality, and leveraging the e-Series cobots’ control box expansion port for easy mounting and cable management. 

Miki Pulley introduces BXR-LE brakes for AGVs

The Miki Pulley BXR-LE brake is a power-off engaged brake that will hold the AGV in place when not in use.

ABB introduces Wizard Easy Programming robot programming software

  • ABB

This programming software is built on the concept of Blockly, an open-source visual coding method that presents programming language or code as interlocking blocks.

Yamaha Motors announces YK610XE-10 and YK710XE-10 SCARA robots

  • Yamaha Robotics

Both models deliver 10kg maximum payload and standard cycle time of 0.39 seconds (YK610XE-10) or 0.42 seconds (YK710XE-10).

Yaskawa Motoman announces HC20XP collaborative robot

  • Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

The 20 kg payload HC20XP collaborative robot is suited for applications where robots need to safely work with, or in close proximity to humans.

AutoGuide Mobile Robots announces Max-N15 autonomous mobile robot

Built on AutoGuide’s patent-pending modular design, the Max-N15 provides a common base that can be adapted for multiple manufacturing and warehouse material handling tasks with modular attachments to create lift trucks, tuggers or high bay pallet lift trucks.