KEMET introduces Class 1 C0G dielectric system with KONNEKT technology

This technology combines KC-LINK’s C0G Base Metal Electrode (BME) dielectric system with KONNEKT’s Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS) material to create a surface mount multi-chip solution suited for both packaging and applications.

Optris introduces fever detection system

  • Optris

The system can be used with two different methods: The temperature of people in a crowd can be recorded, or people can be checked individually for an elevated temperature. The second method provides more reliable results because the temperature measurement can be taken at the eyelid where the temperature has the strongest correlation to the body’s core temperature.

Process Sensors Corporation introduces BBS500-57 blackbody radiation source

The BBS500-57 is intended for use in the verification and calibration of non-contact infrared thermometers, infrared detectors, and thermal imaging camera systems.

Pico Technology announces PicoScope 6000E Series of oscilloscopes

With dimensions of 245 x 192 x 62 mm (9.7 x 7.6 x 2.5 inches), the 6000E Series oscilloscopes fit on any workbench. Pico PC-based instruments are designed for engineers who need professional-grade test equipment that fits in limited available space, whether in a laboratory or at their home office.

Yamaha Motor Europe announces RCXiVY2+ vision system

A feature of Yamaha Motor’s vision system is its integration with robots by incorporating a vision board, lighting board, and tracking board in the RCX3 series multi-axis robot controller.

Matrox Imaging announces Matrox AltiZ 3D profile sensors

  • Matrox Imaging

Matrox AltiZ 3D profile sensors have a dual optical-sensor design and data-fusion capability, which offers 3D reproduction fidelity through their ability to combat occlusion and outlier data.

Acromag releases VWB2000 signal wire replacement system

  • Acromag

This point-to-point wireless signal bridge takes analog, discrete, or Modbus signals at one location and reproduces them at a second location.

Endress+Hauser releases Turbimax CUS50D sensor

  • Endress & Hauser

The sensor can be used in a range of applications; for example, turbidity measurement in processes within the chemical industry, concentration measurement of hot process water in the food industry, and solids measurement in industrial wastewater.

FCI Aerospace introduces Model AS—LLE Liquid Point Level Sensor

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

The AS-LLE Point Level Sensor can be used with most any liquid, including water, oil, hydraulic fluid, coolants, and more. 

AutomationDirect announces CUI Devices AMT series encoders

  • AutomationDirect

CUI offers the AMT series encoders with configurable pulses per revolution (PPR). The PPR can be set for most models using the free AMT Viewpoint software (the AMT10-series encoders are configured using DIP switches).